Sevilla – Malaga Copa del Rey Match Comments

Sevilla’s season hasn’t looked worse than this in a long time, and with that our little blog community is suffering as well. People don’t like to watch their team lose, it turns out. And they don’t watch as much when they don’t have a lot confidence that anything but more losing will be on display.




Anyway, today we play PUTA MALAGA, a team that is playing so bad they’re below us on the table, despite petrodollars being invested into the team (and despite hiring Pellegrini to replace whatever coach was obviously going to eventually get fired). Even in our current state, this is a game we really should win. I’m guessing not winning will leave the stadium a pile of rubble and disgust. But I don’t know for sure.


I’m back home visiting my family in Nebraska today, and taking my grandpa to a doctor’s appointment just as the game is scheduled to start. If you’re around, let us know what’s happening in the game.


Go Sevilla.