Sevilla – Lyon Champions League Match Comments

It’s basically impossible to analyze any one game of soccer in a vacuum, to know what one result means without putting it into the context of the season. Our first loss against Bilbao this weekend is a good example. Sure, we lost 3-1 away. Sure, we looked more than a little abject. Sure, the rotations were so numerous and extreme that it was hard to see what exactly Sampaoli was trying to accomplish. It…was not a great result!


But if Sevilla pulls off a win today and looks coherent with the ball, I’ll feel like the Bilbao loss was just a necessary evil of life in multiple top competitions. Sampaoli wasn’t an idiot, he was being very savvy about resting the right players to line up in the Champions League! The lineup is above; I’m not 100% convinced this lineup will be able to do both of those things, but I’m very excited to find out! Game time is minutes away, everyone get ready and let’s VAMOOOOOOS!

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  1. seeing Nasri, Ben Yedder, Vietto, Vitolo, and Mudo on the pitch together could be really fun!


  2. Half time 0-0

    We have had very little in terms of clear cut chances, some boos ring around the RSP

    Lyon have been the better team, with Fekir the danger man. Their defenders are big units and we haven’t found a way to get around them (legally) yet.

    Mudo has looked very frustrated and we will need to change his role for the 2nd half. Playing 2 up front has meant that we are getting over-run in the middle when they break

    Sampaoli has a big half time to play here…

  3. just saw the replay of the Ben Yedder “goal”

    we were a bit unlucky as Escudero looked online to me

    The Vietto one on one was our best chance of the half

  4. Ben Yedder and Vietto playing like a proper front two this half

    Nasri also playing with a purpose

    We need a 2nd goal I am convinced, as Lyon are capable of scoring

  5. damn. vietto should’ve finished that. he’s been active, but had two of our best chances and missed both.

    much much better second half offensively but im still a little nervous with how much lyon is getting forward.

    in the snippets ive seen, mariano has really had some excellent defensive plays which is nice. and of course rico has come up big a couple times.

    lets get a goal and then close this out!

  6. Vietto…. did Lyon pay you? That nice assist won’t cut it though. 2 clear chances missed and a penalty…. come on now, you call yourself a striker! We could’ve bagged the match with 2-0. DAMMIT!

  7. So many fucking chances… this is ridiculous. Hopefully it won’t hunt us and get a pathetic draw at the end. Effectiveness up front = 0

  8. yikes. second time they’ve hit the crossbar. feels like this game has a goal left in it. im hoping its ours.

  9. What the hell? Why take off Ben Yedder and leave the rusty one on? Hopefully this will not be a bad decision in these last 10 mins.

  10. that shouldnt be a card on mercado. his follow through was weird cus his leg was getting stomped on….

    hold on guys. dont blow this.

  11. ha! wow. cornet should be pissed about that yellow. clearly his hands were way behind his back and took the shot to the nose. can they rescind those after the game?

  12. WOO HOO!

    3 points and a vastly improved 2nd half performance

    I suspect they’ll beat us in France, so anything other than a win tonight was a disaster

  13. That’s more like it! Looks we have unearthed another midfield class act in Nasri..wasn’t Vietto night but I’m sure he’ll come back stronger. We need 2 strikers on now and BY to start more games. He is our best striker..

  14. Important 3 points but with more efficiency we couldve scored 5 or 6 just like vs espanyol. The second half was the real deal. Heavily disapoointed in vietto though.

  15. Great result. Really hope goal differential doesn’t end up mattering because we could’ve piled on. But huge huge three points.