Sevilla – Lyon Champions League Match Comments

It’s basically impossible to analyze any one game of soccer in a vacuum, to know what one result means without putting it into the context of the season. Our first loss against Bilbao this weekend is a good example. Sure, we lost 3-1 away. Sure, we looked more than a little abject. Sure, the rotations were so numerous and extreme that it was hard to see what exactly Sampaoli was trying to accomplish. It…was not a great result!


But if Sevilla pulls off a win today and looks coherent with the ball, I’ll feel like the Bilbao loss was just a necessary evil of life in multiple top competitions. Sampaoli wasn’t an idiot, he was being very savvy about resting the right players to line up in the Champions League! The lineup is above; I’m not 100% convinced this lineup will be able to do both of those things, but I’m very excited to find out! Game time is minutes away, everyone get ready and let’s VAMOOOOOOS!