Sevilla – Levante

Although his fixture was demoted from El Clásico After Party to El Clásico After Thought last week, the importance of this match for both teams cannot be understated. We know this is true, of course, as every match at the end of the season is “important,” so this feels a bit like holding up a dead horse for you to see again.

“Yup, still dead!”

Nevertheless! Storylines:

1. Koné still sits on 13 goals, 3 shy of his the magical number of 16, which will prompt Sevilla to re-buy this summer. Could the Ivorian make us loathe our selling spree last year even more than we already have?

2. Personnel: Reyes is back. Will he be who he was for us during our 3-match (and 3+ goals each) winning streak? Spahic is still out, so last week’s mostly-permeable back four should be the same. Varas will be behind them once more, as Andrés Gandalf is trying to put his 38 year-old body back together again to ride this season into the sunset. Varas wasn’t much to blame for last week’s whipping, but one wonders if it’s possible to have worse comparative recent results: Palop (2 goals let in over the previous 6 matches), Varas (5 goals let in over previous 90′).

3. The talk around Nervión for the last 3 weeks has been Michel’s possible reign-taking for next season. Oddly, that talk has died down in the last four days. He’s remarked on it briefly, saying: “My renewal is not the clubs preoccupation right now,” and “If the team that showed up in Getafe shows up this weekend, it’d be better to just forget about the future altogether.” I like the straight talk. Let’s get it done. A win would put us level on points with Levante, but our destroyed GD from last week is now only +2.

4. Luis Alberto and Babá made an impression this week, following the Getafe barf-fest, at a friendly in Warsaw. Little Luis had an assist and Babá scored both goals in the 0-2 victory. Could we see more Babá this weekend? If trends continue, probably not unless we’re losing at the 60′ mark.

If you’re not asleep or too suicidal after the kids’ birthday party at 1pm, stick around for this We’reStillHere Clash of Might-ans.