Sevilla – Levante Match Comments

In this week’s corresponding fixture from the from the first half of the season, we beat a newly promoted side 1-4 in their house. That was really nice. Konko scored a pair of goals, Negredo scored a penalty, and Renato bagged the fourth as the game ended. I can pretty well guarantee you at least one of those people won’t score today.

Now that we’re back to the beginning of the fixture list, we’re in a long stretch of mostly weaker teams that we absolutely should beat. (Remember that period of the season when every game someone was saying “these are the games we have to win”? Well. A little too often, we didn’t win. Obviously saying that didn’t work, so I won’t write it out this time.) But really, we definitely should win this game.

A few news items: Manzano talked about the 5-3-2 and said obviously he was happy with the way it worked, but said it was a special situation where we didn’t want to concede and that it won’t be a typical feature for the team because we ought to be a club that goes after other teams. So then…we’ll see it mid-week against Real? Also, there’s nothing official on any team websites, but the player himself says it’s all but a done deal that we’re picking up Medel from Boca Juniors. He’s a Chilean central midfielder, and since we need a CM and Chile was so much fun to watch in the World Cup, I assume he’s awesome. Apparently Rosenburg got jealous with all this transfer business so they called up the club and said maybe they do want to sell after all, so we may see Annan come this way soon as well. And speaking of transfers, how much do we need to pay Hamburg to stall the Madrid-Van Nistelroy deal out until the CdR matches are done? Maybe a leg or two of Jamón Iberico would do the trick?

Aaaaaaaaaanyway, the game’s at 12ET. Hide your kids, hide your wife, and then watch us win this game.