Sevilla – Levante Match Comments

In Marca’s preview of today’s match, the article casually calls this “the best Sevilla of recent times”. Now, I don’t usually go to Marca for opinions on basically anything (exception: was CR7’s gameday hair today the greatest ever, or merely great?), but something about the offhand, tacit nature of the statement struck me; the team really is on a remarkable run of results and form lately, especially when you consider how recently we were bemoaning being in last place on the table or just never winning away from home. If you ignore the Copa del Rey (I can barely even remember what that is, so far has its memory been stricken from my mind), the team hasn’t lost in 11 games, a streak that goes back to the 2nd of November(!). Actually, I take that back: that’s an impressive streak, period.

That string of results has brought Sevilla to 7th place, probably enough for a European spot. A win today against Levante (last seen earning a home draw with Barcelona, and no doubt already gearing up for a mid-week visit to…Barcelona) could see the club rise to 6th, and if these recent results don’t have you wondering how far the club might rise before season’s end, you’ve maybe not been paying much attention. It’s a rare moment of optimism for the team, so let’s all huddle around the TV (or, you know, poor internet stream) and enjoy Sevilla’s moment in the sun. And stop by here for some gametime commiserations or high fives.

Vamos, tíos.