Sevilla – Las Palmas Match Comments

Coming off a mid-week result that sees Sevilla advance to the Copa del Rey final for the first time since 2010 and on a very strong run in La Liga, Sevilla host 18th place Las Palmas Sunday. “Easy win”, you’re probably thinking, but that’s probably because you forgot that the reverse of this tie ended in a 2–0 defeat back in September. Sure, we’re a different team now, a team that hasn’t lost at home in La Liga since…well, also September. But nothing’s a given, I’m just saying.

And then there’s the small issue of the aforementioned mid-week game, when we fielded an essentially full-strength squad despite protecting a 4–0 lead. That game finished less than 72 hours from this weekend’s kick-off, so no matter how easily the team was able to take it while running through Vigo’s swamp of a field, we’re basically certain to see the effects either in the lineup or in the play. (There was some discussion and consternation about this in the comments over the last couple days). Again, Sevilla on their current form should be a strong favorite at home to Las Palmas even if half the preferred XI aren’t available, but we’re at a point in the season (and on the table) where slip ups start to feel extremely costly.

I never have even a decent guess for Emery’s lineups, but the calendar congestion (both the previous mid-weekers and the upcoming Europa ties) make this game particularly difficult to guess. Fortunately for the site, we have you brilliant commenters to figure that out, so get to it, and we’ll see you all at kickoff.