Sevilla – Karpaty Match Comments

Back to work after our big 100 post party and what I’ll just call “that unpleasantness over the weekend”. Here are people who are not available to play for us today: Dragutinovic (achilles tendon; returns Nov-Dec), Koné (knee operation; Dec-Jan), Fazio (ankle; unknown), Navas (ankle; unknown pending surgery), Palop (foot, maaaaybe back for Valencia), Guarente (knee/tibia; also might need surgery), and duh Sánchez (heart; never?).


I don’t mean to make our injury list the story of the team right now, but…there’s a lot of important names in that list. El Desmarque has a projected lineup that shows our Player of the Month Kanouté playing behind Negredo as the withdrawn forward in a 4-4-1-1. Notables on the bench include Perotti, Fabiano, and Dabo (seriously–what happened to Dabo? Are we just saving him for Navas’ someday return to wreak havoc on the right side of the field again? Has he played at all since Manzano took over?). I continue to be completely ignorant about Karpaty, so I’ll just boldly predict that they will take the field with 11 players, one of whom will be goalkeeper.


Here’s our group table right now:






So a win could see us either top the table or remain second with 5 points between us and third while a loss could see us drop to third or fall 4 points out of first. Based on this information, I’m recommending a win today.


Kickoff is  4:05pm EST. Be here and and let’s get some points today!!!