Sevilla – Juventus Match Comments

Sevilla defends its top spot in Group H today when Juventus comes to town. Given the advantage, I have to think Sevilla would be very happy with a draw, but don’t tell that to Sampaoli, who I’m pretty sure is allergic to a conservative approach to anything. (Presumably he’d rather have a 5–5 draw than 0–0; I guess I can’t say I disagree.)

Lineup is as above; I’m excited for this game and am hoping Sevilla will maybe play this whole 90 the way they did the last 10 on Saturday. Vamos!

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  1. if we are being honest, we’ve probably benefited more from refereeing this year than we’ve been hurt by them. obviously the juve match that was not the case.

    llorente scores two stoppage time goals to give bob bradley his first premier league win 5-4. that game must have been insane.

    1. Hmm… not sure if I can agree with that. I’d put it that we were not ‘damaged’ by the referees compared to previous years, and had a couple of 50/50 decisions in our side… but I’m still waiting for the day when we will be gifted 3 points by a referee like Juve was against us. Not that I’d advocate such thing, because if football is unfair, its beauty is lost automatically. However, Sevilla is still the side that finishes 5th and doesn’t make it to the CL knockout round in the referee’s minds… hence we never get favored, especially when we face the big teams. Or at least, we don’t get treated equally, which would’ve been a very important thing vs. Juventus for instance. I’d never want to have my team considered as ‘robbers’, ‘thieves’, ‘cheaters’ etc., since more often than not, all that it really takes is an equal treatment of sides from a certain referee for the match to belong to the ones that deserve to win it.

      If you could be referring to the contact in the box case from Mercado vs. Deportivo when we were losing 2-1, from my experience of watching at least 6 matches during the weekend and weekdays, those mild pushes are rarely if never given. It was a pure 50/50 decision that was depended on the referee’s opinion, however, some referees like the one that officiated vs. Depor (Antonio Mateu Lahoz) are globally known to not call soft fouls, let alone soft penalties in the league where he gets 5,000 Euros for a match.

      Thus far, even though initially I’ve considered the Spanish referees to be the worst, having watched more EPL matches than usual lately on the weekends, I can safely say that the English ones are the worst ever… and it’s not only about the scandalous case of ClattenJERK.

    2. case by case its always grey but…. in la liga we have been awarded 8 PKs, second most after real mierda. and we’ve received the second least number of red cards (2). and we’ve only had 3 penalties called against us (tied for 5th lowest in la liga).

      i understand that your point is slightly different, that in big games against big(ger) teams the refs seem to favor the Juves, Barcas, RMs of the world. but overall, i still think we’ve benefited more from officiating this season than we’ve been hurt by it.

      1. Interesting statistics. I get your point though… it’s a matter of perspective. As a Juve fan, I’d say we got 3 points undeservedly vs. Sevilla…. but not sure if I can say if we got any point undeservedly vs. any team. We worked hard till the last minute and of course, most of the decisions nowadays are 50/50, and it all matters what the referee’s personal opinion/decision is in certain cases. Can’t say that we robbed any team though… trying to think of some blatant cases from a neutral point of view, but can’t remember any. All I know is that the 50/50 decisions rarely if never went in our favor so far vs. RM (Supercup), Barca, Atletico, Juve. Maybe I’m overlooking some decisions vs. weaker sides, but I’m dreaming of the day when we will at least be treated equally vs. big sides.

        Not sure if I’m alone in this but anyone else feeling as a big team when we faced Barca and Juve? Especially vs. Juve it felt that there were 2 top giant teams in the pitch… the referee’s scandals aside, it was a battle of titans. I didn’t have this feeling in the recent past.