Sevilla – Granada Match Comments

For the second consecutive week, Sevilla hosts the last place team in La Liga. Last week, Sevilla went up against then last placed Racing before conceding two quick goals and finally saving face by grabbing a late equalizer. Today the team simply must do better. It’s nice to be undefeated and all, but all the not winning is starting to show up on the table: a loss or draw today will see us at least a full game behind CL spots. It’s awfully early to be obsessing about table position, but a quick glance at the table gives me the sense that a lead pack is already starting to emerge and separate from the rest of the league.

So, then: a win at home, against the last place team, sporting a -9 goal differential, coming off a brave performance against Barcelona, is the ONLY result that will do. I don’t care who’s injured or suspended (Negredo won’t play; Kanoute is back, meaning we have an actual forward to play), this is a must-win game.

I won’t be able to see this game, but if you’re free leave some comments and thoughts on the proceedings. Hopefully you’ll be celebrating lots of goals in the comments section.