Sevilla – Granada Match Comments

A strange thing about this season and Sevilla’s last month or so is that we’re in a moment of feeling frustrated and disappointed with how things have gone, while also having accomplished a series of results that basically anyone would’ve taken as very strong success at the beginning of the season: with six games remaining in the season, Sevilla sits three points out of third place and eight points clear of fifth. Oh yeah, and advanced out of the group in Champions League, played some of the most entertaining attacking style in Europe, getting solid results away from home. If you take a moment to remember what was frustrating about following this team last year (or the last 3–4 years), we’ve basically improved on every measure that doesn’t relate to the selling or retaining of key figures in the club. But that’s, like, all that’s not better. It’s only how close we were flying to the sun a month or two ago that make sour current altitude feel so low.

Anyway, on that note: Sevilla hosts regional neighbor Granada, who at 19th place are seven points from safety and not much time to ameliorate their situation. In other words, this game should be an easy three points, and they are absolutely vital. Now that Atleti will be facing Real Madrid in the CL semifinals, we absolutely should be seeing every one of these last six games as an opportunity to make up ground on a potentially stretched side. Let’s see what our heroes can do to put some pressure on third in these finals weeks, starting today. Vamos!