Sevilla – Granada Match Comments

A strange thing about this season and Sevilla’s last month or so is that we’re in a moment of feeling frustrated and disappointed with how things have gone, while also having accomplished a series of results that basically anyone would’ve taken as very strong success at the beginning of the season: with six games remaining in the season, Sevilla sits three points out of third place and eight points clear of fifth. Oh yeah, and advanced out of the group in Champions League, played some of the most entertaining attacking style in Europe, getting solid results away from home. If you take a moment to remember what was frustrating about following this team last year (or the last 3–4 years), we’ve basically improved on every measure that doesn’t relate to the selling or retaining of key figures in the club. But that’s, like, all that’s not better. It’s only how close we were flying to the sun a month or two ago that make sour current altitude feel so low.

Anyway, on that note: Sevilla hosts regional neighbor Granada, who at 19th place are seven points from safety and not much time to ameliorate their situation. In other words, this game should be an easy three points, and they are absolutely vital. Now that Atleti will be facing Real Madrid in the CL semifinals, we absolutely should be seeing every one of these last six games as an opportunity to make up ground on a potentially stretched side. Let’s see what our heroes can do to put some pressure on third in these finals weeks, starting today. Vamos!

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  1. Has to be said, last time Granada won away, was Sevilla last season 1-4. And they have won their last 3 games against Sevilla. But today it won’@t happen.

    Can’t go to the game with high blood pressure.

    Ah, sevilla have scored in minute 3.

    Also Del Nido is out of jail , don’t know if he’s at the game.

  2. Looks too easy, could be a big score if nothing changes, Granada having to make changes too. Ganso can do the Nasri role without having to retreat to deep. Looks good.

  3. Ganso is having a pretty good game. He should’ve featured in matches vs. teams like Granada to prove his worth. Anyway, too late now it seems.

    We need to score 1 or 2 more to seal this match and get the 3 very important points.

  4. Stupid Leganes couldn’t hold on to their equalizer for more than 1 minute. Yet, we couldn’t beat them at home, smh.

    Villarreal still in the race for 4th. Seems like we have to do everything ourselves and not rely in mediocre teams to help us. Things won’t get easier if we cannot beat Celta on Thursday.

  5. @ShendM we will be fine. It’s easily in our hands and we haven’t got the hardest run in. Celta minds will be on Europa league too for following week. Villarreal still have to go to Barca and atletico too.

  6. Three players Sevilla are very interested in buying, Mauricio Lemos, Las Palmas age 21, slowish central defender but the most solvent goal scorer in la liga with free kicks at 20 to 25 yards from goal.

    Daniel Wass, Celta, age 27, plays wing and variety of midfield roles, inexhaustable motor like MKD and Daniel Alves.

    Marcos llorente, Alaves, age 21, midfielder, property of Real Madrid, another dynamo in centre field.

    1. Quite interesting. I think with a proper manager these players can turn out to be golden here, especially Wass and Llorente. Not sure we can get Llorente though, as I’ve read before that RM is interested in bringing him back, though maybe they will loan him to us or something similar without a purchasing option or a re-purchase option if we sign him, like the Negredo deal back in the day (or Morata with Juve).

  7. Messi the hero for Barca again. Huge win for them. Could be a major blow to Real? La Liga race alive. They could go from potentially winning the lot to nothing, as atletico won’t be easy for them in champions league either!

  8. Was hoping that Real would win so that the 2nd to last game of the season against us would be meaningless to them. Guess we have to just tack it up as a probable loss. Not seeing much hope for 3rd place anymore after Atletico won yesterday

  9. Could be a double edged sword though, it would be RM’s final home game and they would want to sign off with a victory, Sevilla will also want to declare their intentions for next season and there will be players still wanting to make a name for themselves before the transfer market opens.

    Also, Atletico will be playing with one eye on the Champions League while they’re in the competition.

  10. Interesting stat i just read.

    Sarabia has been our most influential player this season with involvement in 26.7% of our goals.


  11. Wow… Villarreal just beat Atletic 0-1 in Calderon.

    A good chance for us to get level on points with Atleti (but still remain 4th) on Thursday night with a win vs. Celta.

    Meanwhile, Villarreal very close to us, so no mistakes allowed except the RM match.