Sevilla – Granada Match Comments

When we last checked in on Sevilla’s schedule, it was clear that the most decisive, important part of the club’s schedule starts at midweek. But that’s something of an illusion of course because winning every single one of those games could well mean nothing for our chances in La Liga if the team doesn’t take care of business today when they host Granada. With the first Valencia leg lingering on Thursday, Emery will be aware of both the importance of getting all three points at home today but also the pressing need for fresh players in Europe. As such, it seems likely to expect more than a few rotations today, and at least that Rakitic won’t be starting.

But this team has consistently shown that who’s starting doesn’t have to be decisive, and the teams is more than capable of winning with one or several key players on the bench. I fully expect that to continue today. VAMOOOOOO!