Sevilla – Granada Match Comments

Hey, did you guys catch that game at mid-week? Sevilla got its first win in four games, notched their second win in January, AND scored more goals than they’d managed in all of January, a streak of five games in which the team managed only two goals. (TWO GOALS! For the WHOLE MONTH until Wednesday!).

Well, this weekend Unai hosts Granada looking to build on the momentum from that game (or at least, the closest thing to momentum Sevilla has seen this season since that win over Real Madrid back in week 3). This is, once again, the sort of match Sevilla shouldn’t have trouble with: a home match with a relatively newly-promoted side wallowing in the relegation battle, averaging less than a goal a game, with only five wins to its name. But Sevilla didn’t become a middle-of-the-table side with a recently fired manager by winning games like these! No sir! The club finds ways to lose these games, to barely draw them, to snatch disappointment from the jaws of success. It’s been the immutable aspect of the season.

But what happens when this immovable object meets the…theoretically-existant-but-as-yet-unconfirmed unstoppable force of Sevilla’s newfound goalscoring power and winning ways? I DON’T KNOW!!! Tune in tomorrow afternoon to see! And of course let us know our thoughts before, during, and after the match!