Sevilla, Granada and the Continuing Adventures of UUGGGGGHHHHH

This will be easy since you’ve all watched this match before even if you didn’t today:


[……endless number of Sevilla chances……]

’79 Granada gol.

’89 Granada gol.

Breakdown: Sevilla bungled this one, but not ala Jiménez-era. For most of those 78 minutes between our goal and Granada’s, Sevilla played aggressively, convinced they would take all three points — and should have had them. We stamped on the gas in the second half and came as close to scoring as you can several times. On at least three separate occasions only Roberto stood between us and the net, but we couldn’t put it around him. Let a bad team hang around long enough (let’s be honest, Granada is poor and will probably go down), and they’ll begin to believe and a ball will bounce their way (off the post and out for an open header, as it were). Commit to winning after they tie it and you’ll invariably have to be ready for a quick counter. Oops.

We can sit in the chairs behind those microphones and calmly explain that we didn’t take our chances and this is what happens, but this thing that has happened is also not acceptable. That’s five out of six points lost in two matches against La Liga’s worst.

Sevilla’s best: Navas – so dangerous today. Seems to have great chemistry with Cáceres, who is also in top form at the moment.

Sevilla’s worst: Kanouté didn’t look up to speed today. Bringing in Armenteros in the second gave us a much more dynamic midfield, which is where we have to create from these days since there’s no Negredo up top making his own magic.

See video here.