Sevilla – Getafe Match Comments

This weekend I’m in sunny Southern California, spending the Thanksgiving holiday with my wife’s family. One nice thing about being this far west is that the games happen nice and early–the games are often over and done with by noon, which has to mean less trying to juggle fan life with real life. Mike, I like how you live out here.

Although it’s been a full week since our last game, today’s match with Getafe begins another three-week stretch of weekend and midweek games that will see us average a game every four days or so (including two Europa League matches and Liga matches against two of the top three). If I wasn’t going to have breakfast with my wife’s grandfather in a few minutes I’d think carefully about each match and our respective chances at victories from each one, but since I don’t have time I’ll just say this game is maybe the highest combination of crucial points and feasibility of victory. Getafe haven’t been awesome this year, and are definitely playing like a mid-table team. We have the firepower, and despite our most recent result, have actually been doing pretty well in November. We’re at home, we need the victory, and we should get it. For Sevillistas this is the perfect recipe for disappointment. Hopefully today will be different.

I don’t have an injury report or anything, but we’re missing several important people as I recall. Maybe at some point this season enough people will be injured that Manzano will be forced to start Zokora. It could happen, that’s all I’m saying.

This game was originally listed as a Sunday game, but it’s been changed to today at 2pm ET and I’ve been too occupied with holiday stuff to learn this until this morning–my apologies if anyone’s schedule is broken now. The likelihood that I will finagle both the time and place to watch this game amongst other familial stuff AND easy internet access is pretty low. Hopefully if Mike’s here alone again it’s to watch a 4-0 victory, and just maybe he’ll feel like updating the site with some match comments, which are always nice.