Sevilla – Getafe Match Comments

Sevilla ended 2013 on a pretty positive note, getting all three points from a visit to El Madrigal and occupying 7th place on the table, presumably good enough for a spot in Europa come season’s end, and still plausibly in reaching distance of a Champion’s League spot. There was, of course, the nastiness regarding the Copa del Rey, which frees up (and puts more pressure on) the squad to perform well in La Liga and Europa–how you feel about that development is likely determined by your own outlook on life and/or how long you’ve followed Sevilla.

The first opportunity to take advantage of the new openings in our schedule comes on yet another early Sunday game as Getafe visits the RSP. Getafe has had a decent season thus far, in eighth place and 3 points below us. For the occasion, Sevilla has travelled with a relatively full squad, missing Moreno, Pareja, and long-term absentees Cherysev and Cicinho. So basically, the starting lineup will be Rakitic and Bacca and 9 other guys who hopefully don’t screw everything up too much.

There’s just this week and one more game to go before the end of the first half of the season; with next week’s match a visit to lowly Elche, this week represents a decent chance to finish the season’s ida on a very strong note before starting over against Atleti in a month’s time.

So vamos, basically.