Getafe – Sevilla Match Comments

Barring any exciting news developments in Madrid or Barcelona, Sevilla will play Getafe at 8pm local time tonight. There is buzz around Marca’s office that Kaka woke up with eye crusties this morning, though, so if a press conference addressing this breaking story is called, the game may be postponed. We’ll keep you updated.

Assuming things go as planned, though, Sevilla plays a game of enormous importance this evening. Since every non-EE team above Sevilla lost this week, and all the teams below and within a game of them won, Sevilla can either fall back with the pack of teams tied on points just outside of European contention or they can move into a tie for 5th place with Levante (whom they’d play next week, with a CL-qualifying 4th place spot potentially on the line). So there’s a pretty big divide between success and failure; let’s hope we sleep in European places tonight (while obviously EXPECTING failure).

I’m still too busy for in-depth previews, so feel free to post injury reports, player availability, and predictions/analysis in the comments.