Sevilla – Getafe Match Comments

Getafe come riding in on a high after their most recent victory over Barcelona, but they’ll be facing a much different playing style this week. Sevilla has tended to surrender more possession than it keeps, looking more often to break open on the counter through Navas, Perotti and Negredo/Manu. So I’m expecting Getafe to be so confused all of the possession that they end up standing around and letting us take it from them. Surely, Marcelino is working on how to keep Medel from fouling in these simple ball-recovering circumstances.

In all seriousness (and sadness), Getafe have been one of the more frustrating teams against us in recent years, among such giants as Racing Santander. Checking the history, the southern Madrid bunch have won in three straight visits to the Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán, each of which marked its own rock bottom of recent seasons. We recover Cáceres back into the starting lineup this week, but some are clamoring for Coke to get more chances. After all, it does seem like Cáceres is looking to upgrade in the offseason, and Coke, who was just given an award this week for being the best right back in Segunda last season, has only seen recent minutes during Cáceres’ injury. Negredo caused some alarm when he failed to complete a training session earlier this week, but he returned to normal work the next day and is up to the task tomorrow.

The players responded well to Marcelino’s alternate 4-1-4-1 formation last weekend, saying that the back line felt more secure with three clear middle defenders (those being Spahic, Medel and Escudé). Going forward, I think all of us are eager to see if Trochowski and Rakitic can form a partnership attacking through the middle, as this has been a shortcoming of the club for several years.

Hope for the best, expect a little less! SEVILLAAAAAA!