Sevilla – Feyenoord Match Comments

Oh, hello Europa League! It’s been awhile! Haven’t seen you since I was watching my team win you. Again! Those were good times. Like, all of them. All the times we won this tournament. They’re all good. Like, tying Valencia was a little frustrating there at the beginning of this season. But then I remember the way we sort of broke their hearts last year (awwww, look–they thought they were going to win a big tournament! CUTE!) and…they can have a point, I guess. We spent all summer enjoying that trophy, and I assume they spent the summer staring at the space in their trophy cupboard where a trohpy might have gone.

Anyway, what was I saying? Oh, yes, the Europa is starting again. Sevilla hosts Feyenoord to kick things off Thursday. Feyenoord is here in the least rewarding way possible: by losing a Champions League qualification game. It’s safe to say they were hoping for something else in late July before they lost to Besiktas. It’s safe to say they were hoping to be higher than mid-table with a –1 goal differential 5 games into the Eredivisie season. It’s probably also safe to say it’d be easy to take these guys too lightly.

Beto thinks he might be available, which is cool, but then the heroics of that goalkeeper whose name I literally can’t recall right now were just phenomenal that I guess if he plays again I won’t feel too panicked. And then, of course…there’s Bacca. Strategy for this game: give the ball to Bacca. Watch him score or move to where he can pass it to you so you can score. If everyone does this we will be fine.

Please forward all Coach of the Year awards to the Monchi’s Men HQ offices. Thanks.

And it’s the Europa League. Let’s fucking VAMOOOOOOOOOOS.