Sevilla FC v Getafe – La Liga – Week 21

A league match against Getafe at home in late January might not generate the same levels of fanfare and emotion as Tuesday night’s epic encounter against Atletico, but it is equally important in our quest to salvage our faltering league campaign.

Our recent resurgence of form under Montella has certainly gone a long way to brining back the feel good factor to Nervion, but even so, we are still in no position to become complacent today.  Despite being in 11th place, Getafe are currently only 5 points behind us, so anything less than three points is unthinkable. As was the case last week away to Español, a defeat could see us dragged into the mire of mid table, but a win would help keep us looking upwards and not down.

Above us in the table, Real Madrid look to be gathering some momentum, scoring for fun. Catching them may be beyond us. The good news is Valencia are faltering slightly, however Villareal just can’t stop winning, 5 wins out of 5 (including a win at the Bernabeu)  and are comfortably ahead of us in 5th place, 5 points ahead. It will take a lot of hard work and good form for us to catch any of the teams above us, and no better time to start than now.

Nico Pareja makes a welcome return to the squad, but I’d be surprised to see him in the starting XI. No Ganso again, who we may recall won us the points away to Getafe earlier in the season, and no sign of MKD either. Both of their careers’ with Sevilla look to be over, and with the transfer window about to close we should expect some movement early next week. I will be sad to see both of them go, but midfielders are not something we are in short supply of at the moment, especially now with the news of Roque Mesa having arrived in Sevilla. More news due to unfold over that move in the coming days one would suspect. An exciting signing if we can pull it off.

The starting XI is in, almost the same team as the past three, the most notable inclusion being Ben Yedder back as first choice centre forward;



Should we maintain the same level of commitment and energy that we did in the past few games, a win should be within reach . However, we will need to be on alert not to become complacent, and at the same time keep one eye on resting the legs for Wednesday night’s semi final away to Leganes.

I’m going for a score prediction of 2-1 Sevilla


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  1. Mark_L says:

    Vamos Sevilla! A win today will see us back in contention for top 4 again and keeps our run going!

  2. First thing to hope is that we’re concentrating and not thinking about midweek semifinals, or distracted by the imminent transfer activity. This Getafe is nothing to do with the yoyo club of recent years, they’re extremely solid, tough opponents.

    No surprise that Navas plays again but highly surprised by the reappearance of Nico Pareja in the squad. Getafe have a nice fresh video of our new ‘less rotated’ team to study after last Tuesday’s game.

    Regarding transfers I’m uneasy about Sandro and Batshit becuase they’re loans with high wage demands and no option to buy. They want to play to have a chance with their nation teams and so Spain is the obvious shop window for Sandro but not Batshit. Although Sandro is I think 22 or 23 he looks more like 30 but has a lot of future.

    But letting WBY go and replacing with a loan signing would be absolute madness, he’s arguably our best player.

    Roque Mesa is loan with option to buy, he’ll need to get back to the player he was two years ago. Look forward to seeing what he and Nzonzi look like together.

    Our season so far is ‘checkered’, with highs and lows, 3 points and more consistency are what’s needed.

  3. ShendM says:

    3 important points at stake tonight.

    The formation looks solid, unchanged from the last match vs. Atletico except Muriel replaced with WBY.

    I hope we finish business early and control the match. As Tim said, Getafe are no joke and I clearly remember that they used to put us on the ropes in the first match where we luckily won 0-1 with Ganso’s goal, but definitely didn’t deserve it.


  4. Sevilla look like they’re out for a stroll and thinking about the cup. They gradually built up their superiority through possession until it looked like Getafe might crack and then a series of questionable refereeing decisions took the wind out of our sails and Getafe got into the game.

    3 arguably valid penalties disallowed by the ref.

    Mudo Vazquez having a pig of a game, being generous I’d say he’s made two good passes in ten.

  5. Mark_L says:

    Lacking that extra intensity needed to win this! Our minds clearly on that 1st leg semi at leganes. However, this is a key game and we need to win to stay in touch with the sides above us or we could get dragged into mid table.

    Vamos Sevilla!

  6. ShendM says:

    I hope we can somehow clinch the 3 points tonight. 1-0 would do!

  7. No foul, it needed punching out but Sergi Rico gave it a nothing. Sevilla 1 Sergio Rico 1

  8. Well, Rico again

  9. ShendM says:

    Criminal refereeing and lack of aggressiveness from Rico (the softest goalie I ever watched in this sport) cost us the very deserved 3 points.

    Shame to RFEF for still not having VAR implemented and shame on Rico for being a fucking chicken. When you go for the ball, catch it, lift your foot up high and when a SOB like Cala (who acted as a SOB the entire match) approaches like that, they will get hospitalized and think about that decision of theirs twice before doing it again in the future.

    Fucking disgraceful…

  10. Every keeper gets that call

  11. ShendM says:

    If RFEF wouldn’t have been corrupted and weak, that ref would’ve been fined. You can’t act tough and try to instill authority by not giving 2-3 penalties and not making a call where 9 out of 10 of similar cases get called. Stupid egocentric referee, just like every other ref in La Liga.

    Not sure what the punishments are but someone needs to get in the field and chase some of these referees down with a bat :stuck_out_tongue:

  12. Mark_L says:

    Heartbreaking that! We need to deliver in the cups as the league is drifting away from us! That was a painful way to concede, we deserved better. Still we couldn’t finish it off and they always had a chance at 1-0.

    However, least we have a cup semi to look forward too! Vamos!

  13. Against Getafe we could have opened the game end to end, we would have created more chances and they would have scored less of their chances, so it was a stupid game plan in my opinion. I want to say a grand fuck you to the Biris who never got off their arses to lift the game.

  14. That was also my first impression, but looking at the replay, Cala’s elbow stops SR from making the catch. In retrospect, he should have punched it, so I guess that still falls on Rico’s shoulders…er, his hands…Or whatever it falls on…

  15. Have been trying to take the positives from yesterday…

    Escudero was again immense at left back. Turns defense into attack very well. Has near perfect timing and balance.

    Muriel when he came on continued to show signs that has the potential to be a younger, fitter and dare I say it ‘better’ version of Carlos Bacca… his transformation since Montella arrived has been very pleasing indeed.

    Apart from the obvious mistake from Rico (and one other slack give away from Correa) we limited Getafe to very few clear chances.

    Banega looked far more dangerous when Mudo went off the field. I am not sure he has the legs to last 90 minutes in this advanced position though.

    That is about all I can think of for now…

  16. Firstly hello to all, I was at the game last night and have a few things to share.
    1st half was a bit subdued but you have to credit Getafe for coming with a game plan to stifle the attack of Sevilla, saying that with the system that Montella prefers to play, having Ben Yedder as sole striker doesn’t fit the mould of the system imo, unless there is a 2nd striker willing to put pressure high up the field (such as Muriel), and Vazquez is not the answer anything right now, he has been very poor and really not suited for this team, but we don’t have anyone else right now!
    Last week against Atletico we didn’t let them settle, Muriel ran his heart out where as Ben Yedder is not so much that type of player, but give him something to feed on and he will normally find a way to get a shot on target, I am also happy to see Nzonzi back alongside Banega, these 2 compliment each other and are the hub of all the good things to talk about.
    Now to the Getafe goal incident, from where I was sat (P44) I thought it was a clear foul on Rico & thought initially that he had the ball in his hands, buit replays showed he didn’t, but the question you then ask, is if it was not a goalkeeper challenging for this ball and the Getafe player jump with elbow out leaning into the chest and neck of the Sevilla player would it have been a foul? In my opinion yes, from the images and pictures I have seen today I would say clearly that a foul did take place, and 9/10 the decision would have been given against Getafe and in the favour of Sevilla…
    Getafe came not to win, but not to lose and maybe steal something from the game which they certainly did.
    If we are to make some progress and catch up with the teams above it’s game like these we need to take all 3 points from, but I am confident that now the shackles have been removed from the Berizzo prison, and with 1-2 additions we can mount a more serious challenge to the teams above.

  17. Welcome to the forum mate! Always good to get insight from a fan who was inside the stadium.

    Credit to Getafe like you say, they had a game plan and it worked for them in the end. We looked a bit leggy from what I could see on TV, which was no surprise, and they sat deep and gave us little space to exploit.

  18. Thanks! And yes been going for 4 years now, 2 as ST holder. Hope to contribute some more now I found you guys!
    Since the game against Betis where we crumpled and didn’t find our direction after the 18 second opener I feel we have progressed a lot and starting to look for confident with a purpose to our game that was missing under Berizzo, and the lack of major rotation certainly has helped stabilize the team also in last few games.
    2 weeks ago I would have wrote off any chance against Utd, but even after the slip up last night I still feel that if we can play to our strengths like we did against Atletico we have a real chance to snatch something if we can go to Old Trafford with a solid gameplan of our own, the atmosphere in RSP can be very intimidating when on song and so many teams game can be affected, for me there are no better fans or atmosphere in any other stadium win, lose or draw!

  19. ShendM says:

    Welcome to the forum and enjoy the stay here. Glad you found this place and hopefully we will have lots of valuable posts from you, as well as participating in the discussions that go around here.

    Also as Jonathan said, always good to have an ‘insider’ to provide details from the matches in RSP.


  20. Brian says:

    I sit in F24 almost in line with the penalty spot and that was no doubt in my mind a foul on Rico.
    The ref didn’t give us anything all night, but we should have sewn the game up long before the end. Mudo had a very poor game and looked tired from the start.
    After previously being very critical of Muriel I’m pleased to say he’s growing on me, he seems to have come alive since Montella arrived and we are seeing flashes of why we bought him.
    Mercado & Lenglet gave another solid performance, Escudero never stopped running and both Banega & N’Zonzi played well.

    Can’t agree re the “Biris” Tim they never stopped singing.

  21. One thing I don’t think anyone has mentioned, I thought Navas had another good game at RB. No clear mistakes that I remember and had some really dangerous crosses.

  22. Brian, I have to disagree with you disagreeing with me, The problem is that the Biris never stop singing and don’t react spontaneously when the team needs a lift. They actually have a set repertoire and sometimes forget their real purpose. Sometimes that spontaneity happens sort of er … spontaneously and sometimes it doesn’t, it’s confusing, but I know what I mean. :grin:

  23. Brian says:

    I sort of know what you mean Tim but as we saw last season without their support the place is like a library. It does help when the rest of the ground joins in rather than singing the himno then sitting quietly eating their pipas for the rest of the time.They only get involved when we’re 3-0 up or in the really big games.
    I remember the semi final against Valencia & the 1-0 win over Juve. My ears were ringing for days after, the noise was incredible. If only every game was the same.

  24. Yes the do have a repertoire of songs, but they do act spontaneously when required.

    When the chips are down and the team need a lift we often hear “Sevilla Echale Huevos…” starting up, and if we are pressing for a much needed goal “Meta un gol…”

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