Sevilla FC – NK Maribor – Champions League Group Match 2

Well after a disappointing loss this weekend at the new Atletico Madrid stadium, Sevilla FC arrive back to the RSP to take on NK Maribor in the second match of the group stages of Champions League football. The lineup is now out and looks like this:
Sergio Rico
Corchia – Pareja – Lenglet Escudero
Banega -Franco Vázquez
Nolito -Correa
Ben Yedder

We have faced NK Maribor before in the 2014 Europa League in the round of 32. We won on aggregate 4-3. Hopefully we can win this one easily and stay a top the group stages.
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Vamos Mi Sevilla! Vamos Campeon!

Notable Replies

  1. Mark_L says:

    Vamos Sevilla! Let’s get back on track here!

  2. Liverpool losing away to Spartak Moscow in the other game

  3. Correa is so damn good! What a run and pass to WBY for the finish!

  4. PK not called there by the ref. Corchia tripped in the box.

  5. haha half time and out come the bocadillas.

  6. ShendM says:

    That was a definitely a PK on Corchia. But anyway, doing a good job so far. 2-0, easy 3 points as expected.

    Would like to see us get 1-2 more goals in the second, to kill off any possible surprise.

    Nicely done by WBY for the second goal, a good strike with the left. Also that Messi-esque breakthrough from Correa… wonderful. Hope he can provide more of those and give us more joy :stuck_out_tongue:

  7. ShendM says:

    Needs to be constant good, not only good every 3 matches or so. Also needs more experience vs. teams like Atletico, to cause damage when the defense is extremely tight and strong physically.

  8. Mark_L says:

    Great first half! Correa was sensational! They couldn’t live with him! We controlled the half!

    WBY is a great finisher and took his 2nd goal well. It’s probably why he still starts more than Muriel. Muriel more dynamic and pacey but Big Ben knows where the net is! 2 great team goals.

    This is a great response from the atletico game. More of the same 2nd half and it will be a good nights work!

  9. I miss the Cruzcampo bottle bench area

  10. Good to see Biri-Biri in the stadium.

  11. Navas almost had a touch of brilliance there. Good effort to try and chip the keeper. Inches away.

  12. Lenglet 101 passes and 98% accuracy

  13. 26 shots, 11 on goal!

  14. ShendM says:

    Yes he knows where the net is vs. the likes of Maribor. Not enough to be an undisputed starter at Sevilla. It’s a pity that WBY gets all the tap-ins, penalties and all the good passes. Not to take anything from him, I like an on-form WBY, but Muriel hasn’t had the same treatment. Muriel needs to start in matches vs. weaker teams to get the goals and have more confidence, not only start in some away matches or very tough ones like vs. Atletico, or start too late like in the one vs. Liverpool when WBY was clearly not doing anything worthy bar that gifted tap-in.

    Not fair to Muriel, the guy needs the easy goals, WBY can’t have them all, that’s my pov on this. In the meantime, it’s always good to have a healthy competition between the two strikers, and if both are in a good form, then that’s great for the team.

  15. Mark_L says:

    I agree with what you say mate. Muriel has not had the same treatment. Hopefully he starts against Malaga on Saturday and can bag a couple of goals. I like both but in different ways, I think they can both shine for Sevilla this season!

  16. ShendM says:

    Now 4 points vs Spartak, another 3 vs. Maribor at the end and it will be enough to top the group I guess, regardless of what we do vs. Loserpool.

  17. Mark_L says:

    Fantastic result! Great team performance and we never let up! We looked great in attack and created lots of chances. WBY took his chances well and the his team mates helped him out.

    Corchia was awesome going forward, Escudero was great again. The central pairing of lenglet and pareja were solid too.

    Nzonzi, mudo and banega worked well together. Plus nolito did well on his return as well. It’s amazing how many options we have. We may have lost to atletico but I see an exciting season ahead. We have a great squad and I think they will only get better overtime. Now on to destroying Malaga!

  18. Mark_L says:

    Reckon we can win all our home games! A draw in Moscow, would be decent! I think we can get 14 points from 18, we should win in Maribor. A draw at home to Liverpool wouldn’t be bad but I think we can beat them. If Moscow can hold them to a draw then I think we can go a step further,

    Vamos Sevilla!

  19. ShendM says:

    What do Cristiano and WBY have in common? Both have 4 goals so far in CL!

  20. Jolazo says:

    Doesn’t Ben Yedder have six, or doing the qualifying rounds not count?

  21. Jolazo says:

    Ben Yedder’s Twitter is the best.

  22. ShendM says:

    I thought the same, but unfortunately they don’t count.

  23. image Biri Biri at the game

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