Sevilla FC Fire Eduardo Berizzo After a Disappointing Start

Sevilla FC hired Berizzo seven months ago to minimize the impact of the sudden departure of Sampaoli who left to take the Argentina head job. He never seemed to make Sevilla better in the few months that he was here.

Sitting 5th in the table with 29 points and at least 5 points out of the Champions League battle for 4th, Sevilla just never seemed to have any style of play this season. The defense has been terrible and the offense not much better. His most convincing win was the return leg against Spartak Moscow at home, which was the key victory to put Sevilla in the last 16 round. The team’s most celebrated game so far this season was a come from behind miracle draw against Liverpool at home where it was revealed afterwards that Berrizo had been diagnosed with Cancer and also engaged in a feud with arguably Sevilla’s best player, N’Zonzi.

The next manager faces the challenge, of figuring out this defense and finding a way to rekindle the scoring habits of other players not named Ganso or Wissem Ben Yedder. They also face a Copa Del Rey match against a pretty good Cadiz side and a derby match against Betis. Following that in February is the Champions League tie against Manchester United.

The most important part of the season so far is coming up in January, when Sevilla’s new Director of Sporting Operations, Oscar Arias has to find some players to help salvage a season.

Notable Replies

  1. Pepe Castro made it clear that the reason for firing Berizzo was that the trajectory of the team was not in an upward direction, that they looked like slipping further.

    I personally think the same, and that Ganso and Nzonzi were fuel for various centres of discontent in the club and amongst supporters. Ganso was applauded off while Vazquez was whistled on in the last home game against Levante, and Ganso didn’t play particularly well, the crowd fed up of Vazquez’ wishy-washy performances.

    Shame we didn’t pull our fingers out in Anoeta because other results are going for us, Atletico lose, Betis implode with a clown-like performance, Villarreal and Valencia have to share/drop points, so do Real Madrid and Barcelona.

    As for the vacancy, Ancelotti has also been mentioned, I really like the guy but fear he’s too expensive.

  2. ShendM says:

    Ancelotti would be a dream, but close to impossible for Sevilla.

  3. Zidane might be available soon. haha

  4. other names listed include Tuchel and Matias Almeyda

  5. ShendM says:

    Hmm… I like Tuchel. Hopefully we can sign him.

    Last year’s Borussia Dortmund were spectacular with him as their coach. Not sure why they sacked the guy after winning the cup, reaching the quarters in CL and finishing 3rd in Bundesliga… but to each their own.

    I think if we get him now, within the next season he can transform Sevilla into an exciting team to watch and instill a winning mentality, even in away matches.

  6. ShendM says:

    Hopefully we don’t sign the failure of a coach, Vincenzo Montella.

  7. Edinho says:

    It’s harsh calling Montella a failure. The Milan board practically undid all his good work from last season and expected it to work from the go. I think he’d be a steady manager.

    Walter Mazzarri on the other hand can be considered as such. What has he really done since his Sampdoria days?

    Tuchel would be ideal, but i think he’s aiming for a PL job. I’m not optimistic about Gracia at all. All the other big names like Ancelotti, Blanc, or even Enrique, won’t come to Sevilla. Let’s not kid ourselves.

  8. I know the likes of Ancelotti or Blanc would get us drooling but as of now only 4 managers have been shortlisted.

    1. Tuchel
    2. Javi Gracia
    3. Mazzarri
    4. Montella

    I would personally love to have Tuchel at the helm, he knows his stuff and also gives chances to the young ones, not really sure what happened in his last season at Dortmund but it’s better than what’s happening right now. Not really familiar with Gracia but he looks like the safe option of not gunning for anything in particular other than a mid-table finish, would probably be a stop-gap till next season.

    Mazzarri was decent in Sampdoria but actually had a win ratio of less than 40%, his 4 seasons in Napoli were rather successful before an ok stint at Inter and then getting found out in the Premier League with Watford. He likes his wingbacks so we might see a change in philosophy and tactics, but the defence will still be leaky so it could be another experiment.

    In defence of Montella he has a pretty solid record in Europe but I’m uncertain of his appointment. He was pretty good at Fior before a dreadful season at Sampdoria and then heading to Milan. Milan were doing alright before the complete overhaul this off-season. I know it’s hard to bed in so many players but when your squad has arguably one of the top center-backs in Bonucci, quality midfielders like Montolivo, Kessie and Suso and a great goalkeeper in Donnarumma you should be doing much better, though in my mind Kalinic has always been a crap striker so loaning and starting him is a dumb move. He also has the “achievement” of losing to Lazio, Roma, Inter, Juventus and Napoli in 4 months as well as gifting Benevento their first point of the season (as of now they still hold that solitary point). I think he has talent but would rather another team take a flyer on him to prove his credentials first. Or maybe Milan really are a mess as even Gattuso can’t get them to play decent football.

    This is my preferred order:

    1. Tuchel
    2. Mazzarri
    3. Javi Gracia (stopgap only, if long-term then he’s at the bottom)
    4. Montella
  9. ShendM says:

    Tuchel would be ideal for Sevilla.

  10. As of now Javi seems to be the frontrunner. Not sure of Castro’s intentions on this signing.

  11. And now it’s said Tuchel and Mazzarri and not that interested in bringing their talents over to Spain, which leaves us Javi Gracia or Montella. Ugh

    I’d rather give a chance to Bilic.

  12. Well Sevilla return to training tomorrow, it would have been nice to have the new trainier in place but still no sign of fumata blanca coming from the RSP chimney.

    I would prefer Ancelloti but failing that a Spanish coach and I’m prepared to give Javi Gracia a chance, if fact he’s looking favourite right now.

  13. Our decision could well be influenced by the Milan - Inter game which is about to be played in a few hours. If Milan loses again Gattuso would get the boot and they will take Montella back as his contract has not yet been terminated, we will then go for Gracia. If Milan draw or win then Montella would still be available.

  14. ShendM says:

    Not sure if the inclusion of Maresca had anything to do with this… but Montella is an unproven coach that has never achieved anything of significance. He also plays a pathetic 3-5-2 and sometimes 4-3-3 with no identity in the gameplay, similar to Berizzo.

    My hope, he will succeed by reaching the quarters or at least the 4th place in La Liga or at least win CDR.

    My realistic prediction, he will fail to reach the quarters of CL, embarrassed by Man Utd, risk of even losing the 5th place and not reach further than CDR quarters (even Tevenet would eliminate Cadiz with this Sevilla team), and Montella will be sacked in the Summer or earlier.

    This case is close to being similar or identical to Valencia’s case with Prandelli.

  15. Looks like it’s gonna be Montella.


  16. We absolutely destroyed his Fiorentina squad in the Europa League semis. Even at home they looked completely lost.

  17. Wow, didn’t realize that was his team. He had a ton of talent on that team as well.

  18. Edinho says:

    Am i the only one optimistic about Montella coming in? I think it’s a chance for him to redeem himself cause I think he was dealt a poison chalice this season at Milan. Bonucci was never in the initial plans. The Milan board orchestrated that move. This forced Montella’s hand cause Bonucci was exposed in a back-4, which prompted the switch to a 3-5-2 to accomodate him. Having to switch systems when your best player from last season in Suso excelled in a 4-3-3 is just gonna spell problems. This Milan team still doesn’t have the personnel to play that 3-5-2. Gattuso now has no choice but to play 4-3-3.

    The good thing for us here is that Montella has a transfer window to work with. He needs to sort out our defence. Our midfield is also in rough shape cause the Banega & Vázquez tandem isn’t working, as Pizarro can’t do all the dirty work himself. A box-to-box midfielder would help us a lot. Also, we gotta see improvement from at least one of Muriel, Mudo & Correa surely. The first two played under/with Montella & Maresca respectively. If not, someone has to at least benefit from the manager switch.

    Look, i don’t think expect him to best managers like Marcelino, at least not yet. But you can’t tell me that Valencia’s squad is waaay better than ours. They’ve just performed better without a European campaign. We aren’t far off from a Top 4 finish. What i do expect is for Montella to find his best XI, cause Berizzo still didn’t even manage to figure that out.

  19. In football you’re only as good as your last performance so I don’t worry about his past jobs, just this new one. I’m happy enough and prepared to give him a chance, I just wanted a native Spanish trainer who knew the league.

    As for Valencia, to me they’re a bunch of dirty cheats and I’m hoping they’ll drop off the radar in the new year.

  20. ShendM says:

    The thing that pisses me off most about Montella is that the guy is not serious, professionally.

    Just look at his interviews, like the one where he says, asking: Why can’t Fiorentina beat Sevilla 5-0? When he was 3-0 down from the first leg against us in the semis of EL.

    Then weeks before getting sacked by Milan, he was joking around saying: It won’t be surprising if I get sacked today, or something similar to that. He simply doesn’t give a crap about the job and jokes around all the time.

    A good thing is that he plays attacking football, but his 4-3-3 is similar to Berizzo, and it would take a great January transfer window to change things for the better. This team has shown that it is not ready for a 4-3-3 formation, simply clueless in that.

    Maybe, just maybe we needed a coach that transitions defense to attack quickly, bringing back the deadly counters of the Emery era, and there were sayings that we could have that with Javi Gracia.

    Now of course, this decision could’ve been hugely impacted by Maresca’s inclusion in the deal as an assistant manager, but I really doubt Montella will add anything positive, and if not, we shouldn’t give him more time and sack him in June. Hopefully the contract is not too lucrative or long-term so that we have to stick to Montella even if he fails, just because of the money.

    Sevilla’s management once again showed that they are not in for a serious project. Otherwise, they would have signed someone like Tuchel, and turn this team around to the exciting play, good counters and the glory days that they once had, lastly with Emery (missing the 2014-15 season a lot).

    This could very well be just another Prandelli case. He resigned after 3 bad months, but I doubt Montella will do the same. He failed badly at Milan and waited to be sacked. These coaches are never good.

    On the other hand though, I would loooove to be proven wrong on this!

  21. ShendM says:

    And agreed for the last paragraph. Valencia are by no means far better then us, rather slightly. Beside Guedes and Zaza, there’s really not a lot of difference in the template otherwise. Moreover, I think that Banega is better than Parejo and N’Zonzi is better than Kondogbia, so yeah.

  22. Kondogbia is great but … he’s clumsy and accident prone with stray balls and lost posession, apart from that he’s got a great pass and endurance, a mixed bag, Emery wasn’t a fan.

    It appears that Nzonzi trained with the first team late afternoon, but I’d be surprised if it’s a clean slate matter.

  23. Montella has to do two things. Find a settled first XI, and reincorporate Nzonzi back into the squad. That’s the only way this team is going to improve this season. There’s no magical January transfer that will spark our season. The second half of the schedule should be easier with 0 difficult away fixtures so Montella won’t have any built-in excuses.

  24. There’s guys who can make a comparable impact to those two, but neither were season-changing acquisitions. Jojo delayed our slide to 4th for about a month, but Lenglet was just meh.

    I don’t think there’s a single guy (even someone as good as Pastore) who can single-handedly provide us with a boost to jump up to 4th or beat Manchester United. It’s going to have to come from the players we already have (including Nzonzi) somehow finding some cohesiveness.

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