Sevilla FC 2016-17 Predictions

The transfer window has finally closed and our long, dark night of loss has dawned on a sprightly new set of pieces and one shiny-domed chessmaster. To say this summer has been radical is only a slight etymological overstep, since the roots of Sevilla FC remain the same as ever (passionate and loud fan base, bald genius Monchi, buy low sell high economics, aim for Champions League), but the club has undertaken a massive transition. Why, we’ve had to learn a dozen new names! And forget a dozen more! And now that the dust has settled we have a fully-formed team, so let’s all guess at how good they’ll be and see who is most right in like 12 months, OK COOL?

I wrote a bunch of my own thoughts down for IntoTheCalderon, which you can read here. I didn’t get too far into predictions save for one bold guess that Sevilla would win their Champions League group this time around. It’ll be tough, but maybe I’ll look like a total brain stud in three months. That’s the best part about predicting!

BIG UPDATE!: The blog will reward the winner with a Sevilla FC official jersey and the runner up with a Monchi’s Men shirt! So it’s not all for bragging rights! If you have not yet posted your predictions, do so before week 3 in LaLiga to be considered for the prizes.

Here are the categories. Make your calls, people!

1. Final LaLiga position and point total

2. European stage reached

3.Best new signing

4. Most disappointing signing

5. Biggest selling transfer by season’s end and transfer fee

6. Champions winner

7. Copa del Rey winner

8. Top 4 in LaLiga

9. Bottom 4 in LaLiga

10. Top 3 scorers on team and total goals scored by each

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  1. 1) 60-65 = 4th

    2) Second in the group stage, then eliminated in the round of 16

    3) Franco Vazquez

    4) Kranevitter

    5) Krycho (40 million euros cash) and Gameiro (up to 40 million euros with add-ons), if I understood this question correctly. There will be no January selling that will surpass the above figures.

    6) Barca

    7) Las Palmas

    8) Barca, RM, Atletico, Sevilla

    9) Not in order: Osasuna, Betis, Alaves, Granada

    10) Ben Yedder (20), Vietto (15), Mudo (10)

  2. Let’s do this:

    1) 4th – 68 points
    2) Ooph… I can see it either way. I’ll be optimistic… Quarterfinals of CL.
    3) Ganso
    4) Ganso

    OK. For 3 and 4 I feel like the early obvious choices are Mudo for best and Kranevitter for worst… But I just feel like Ganso has big time success or bust potential.

    5) Hmmm….. I’ll go Mariano. And I’ll say 18 million.
    6) PSG. just because it would be fun to see a new team win it.
    7) Atleti
    8) Barca – RM – Atleti – Sevilla
    9) Gijon, Alaves, Osasuna
    10) Ben Yedder (19), Vietto (16), Mudo (11)

  3. Keeping in line with my username, I’ve browsed the points total from the Emery years and expect something in-between so here goes:

    1. 55-65 = 4th – 6th

    2. Second in group stage, eliminated in last 16

    3. Mudo/Ben Yedder

    4. Kranevitter/Ganso/Nasri (just not feeling these 3)

    5. Krycho and Gameiro, we’re not used to selling anyone in the winter windows

    6. Barcelona

    7. Either of the Madrid clubs

    8. Barca, Madrid, At Madrid, Villarreal

    9. Also not in order: Alaves, Osasuna, Leganes, Sporting

    10. Ben Yedder (18) Mudo (12) Vitolo (10)

  4. 1. 4th – 66 pts
    2. 2nd place CL group – lose in round of 16
    3. Mudo
    4. Ganso – doesn’t fit without a super mobile destroyer to play alongside him, which we don’t have
    5. Rami – 13m
    6. Bayern
    7. Barca
    8. Barca, Real, Atleti, Sevilla
    9. Up- Alaves Relegated- Granada, Osasuna, Leganes
    10. Vietto (18), Ben Yedder (16), Mudo (11)

  5. 1. 4th – 70pts
    2. Champions League QF
    3. Kiyotake
    4. Ganso (hope to GOD i’m wrong)
    5. N’Zonzi – €30M
    6. FC Bayern
    7. Sevilla FC
    8. RM – Barça – Atlético – Sevilla
    9. Leganés – Alavés – Granada – Sporting Gijón
    10. Vietto (16), Ben Yedder (14), Sarabia (10)

  6. 1. 4th – 68 points

    2. CL Quarterfinals

    3. Mudo/Sarabia

    4. Nasri (He is a big gamble…)

    5. Nzonzi – 22 Million

    6. Manchester City

    7. Barca

    8. Barca, RM, Atletico, Sevilla

    9. Alaves, Betis, Sporting, Leganes

    10. Viatti (14), Mudo (11), Vitolo (10)

  7. 1. Final LaLiga position and point total – 3rd / 70-75 points

    2. European stage reached – 1/4 finals CL

    3.Best new signing – Franco Vazquez

    4. Most disappointing signing – Ganso

    5. Biggest selling transfer by season’s end and transfer fee – Sergio Rico – 20 m

    6. Champions winner – PSG

    7. Copa del Rey winner – Barca

    8. Top 4 in LaLiga – Barca, Real, Sevilla, Atletico

    9. Bottom 4 in LaLiga – Betis, Alaves, Gigon, Leganes

    10. Top 3 scorers on team and total goals scored by each – Ben Yadder(17) Vietto (12) Vazquez (8)

  8. 1. 4th – 65 points

    2. round of 16 in CL

    3. Vazquez

    4. Ganso

    5. NZonzi 25m

    6. Barcelona

    7. Atletico M

    8. Barcelona, Real M, Atletico, Sevilla

    9. Granada, Leganes, Osasuna, Eibar,

    10. Vietto 14, Vazquez 9, Ben Yedder 9

  9. 1. 4th- 68pts

    2. 2nd in group, beat PSG in KO stage, eliminated in QF

    3. Vazquez

    4. Nasri

    5. N’Zonzi, 20M to some Prem club that won’t use him correctly

    6. Barcelona

    7. Barcelona

    8. Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atletico, Sevilla

    9. Betis, Granada, Alaves, Osasuna

    10. Vietto (18), Ben Yedder (17), Vazquez (16)

  10. 1.65-70 points.Third place.

    2.Semi- finals in C.L



    5.N’Zonzi 20M

    6.Real Madrid


    8.Real M.,Barca,Sevilla,Atletico M.


    10.Ben Yedder(13),Mudo(10),Vietto(8)

      1. Woohoo what?haha,i guess for the semis in C.L..i believe it,we are playing in the strongest league,and with a little luck in the draw we can go far.Dont forget,its very hard for a team to eliminate us in double games.We can do it!

      2. Lol… woohoo for the optimism! I like that… and I’d kind of predict similar to you, but we actually replaced a colossal beast (Krycho) with a chicken (Kranevitter)… and we’re left with only 1 proper DM, N’Zonzi… who is still far away from Krycho’s level.

  11. 1. Fourth, 68 points
    2. Eliminated in Round of 16
    3. Sarabia (Kiyotake was my 2nd guess, Vazquez is 3rd)
    4. Kranevitter
    5. Carlos Fernandez ($10m)
    6. PSG (I just don’t want Barca/RM/AM to win!), would love to see Emery succeed!
    7. Sevilla
    8. Barca, RM, AM, Sevilla
    9. from 17th to 20th: Osasuna, Betis, Alaves, Granada
    10. Vietto, Ben Yedder, Sarabia (18,16,10 goals)

    1. Just noticed some of my guesses were the same as others (e.g. 4th place, 68 points)…super bizarre, I promise I didn’t look at any of the other replies!

  12. 1. 67 points / 4th place
    2. CL quarterfinals
    3. Sarabia
    4. Kranevitter
    5. Vitolo $35 million
    6. Barcelona
    7. Sevilla
    8. Barca, Atletico, Madrid, Sevilla.
    9. Betis, Leganes, Alaves
    10. Ben Yedder (18) Vietto (12) Vitolo (10)

  13. 1. 4th – 63 (I think the point totals will be down overall this season because of the increase in funds across all teams)

    2. Round of 16

    3. Mudo

    4. Nasri

    5. Not to include what we already know – Iborra – 7.5 Million in January

    6. Bayern

    7. Atletico Madrid

    8. Barca, RM, AM, Sevilla

    9. Betis, Leganes, Alavés

    10. Vietto – 16, Ben Yedder- 14, Mudo – 10

  14. i thought vitolo was starting for spain today… just turned on the game but haven’t seen him on the pitch. is he out there?

  15. there he is… first time i saw him after 10 minutes… tried a give and go, but the return pass was bad.

  16. goal silva. vitolo with a very nice play on the buildup. had the secondary assist… would’ve been the primary assist if costa hadnt redirected it to silva and instead left it to roll through for left it to roll through for a sitter for koke.

  17. vitolo now draws a penalty… went down a little easy… heheh. but a nice move and cut into the box.

    silva….. converts

    1. He’s been excellent today. May have locked up a starting job. And we all know he’s the best diver in the world.

  18. subbed off in the 75th. very good, comfortable game for vitolo. involved in one goal with a secondary assist (not that that exists in football). and drew the penalty for the second.

  19. What a great performance by Vitolo. A shame that Del Bosque never counted on him, a real shame! He’s one of the best players in the Spain NT at the moment and surely one of the few in top form!

    Let’s just hope that he will have an injury-free season as Vitolo is ready to some some serious damage with both the club and the NT!

    Also very glad for Diego Gonzalez. He was a starter for the Spain U-21 NT and it seems that he has a bright future ahead, which is of course very good for us.

  20. Worth noting, Kiyotake made an assist for Japan with a good cross in the box from a free kick, even though they lost at home to UAE (1-2).

  21. I see a number of us have faith in vietto to score at least 12 or more goals for us, that would match his output in his season at villarreal, he has the quality but it really depends on how he and his strike partner and the midfield can link up.

    I would love to be proven wrong as he goes and scores 20 for us.

    1. He’s gonna play 50 matches if he stays healthy. In this system, he’ll have plenty of chances. Someone has to score them.

    2. If we play with 2 strikers up front in every home match… the tally might even exceed the expectations, both Ben Yedder’s and Vietto’s. Also vice versa if we play most of our matches with 1 up front and conservative style like vs. Villarreal (a.k.a 0 shots on goal).

  22. 1. 71 – 4th

    2. Quarters of CL

    3. Sarabia

    4. Correa

    5. Vitolo for €25M

    6. Real Madrid

    7. Atleti

    8. Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atleti, Sevilla

    9. Osasuna, Alavés, Granada, Valencia

    10. Vitolo 16, Vietto 16, Kiyotake 12

  23. Vitolo stated in a recent interview that he was honored to be requested by a coach like Simeone, and he would fit nicely in a team like Atletico Madrid with his style of play.

    This might just be a signal that he will be gone next summer!

    1. in addition, its unclear if atleti were even offering gameiro a rise in salary.

      while winning the EL three times has been fantastic, we are still not considered one of europe, or even spain’s elite. and while salary is likely the first three factors a player considers when deciding where to play, the fourth does seem to be the potential for winning/championships.

      even just managing to finish third this year would be a huge signal about the quality of this team and its ambition. of course, im not sure that is realistically in reach. steady qualification for CL is most important. but id love to see this team break into the top 3 at least once in the next few years. its possible.

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  25. 62 points. 4th.

    CL round of sixteen.



    Vitolo, 20m.

    Bayern Munich.


    Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atletico, Sevilla.

    Alaves, Osasuna, Gijon.

    Ben Yedder (19), Vietto (15), Vazquez (12).

  26. 1) 62 pts, 4th

    2) Champions League Quarterfinals

    3) Mudo

    4) Ganso

    5) Krycho’s fee will be the largest; Iborra will be the only one to leave in January

    6) Real Madrid

    7) Barcelona

    8) Real, Barca, Atletico, Sevilla

    9) Osasuna, Betis, Alaves, Leganes

    10) Ben Yedder with 14, Vietto with 13, Vitolo with 11

  27. 1. 70 points. 3rd
    2. CL QTR s
    3. Yedder
    4. Krane
    5. Iborra 12MIL
    6. Barca
    7. Sevilla
    8. Barca Real Sevilla Atleti
    9. Alaves, Granada, osasuna, gijon
    10. Yedder 21, vietto 16, vitolo 12

    Sorry for the late response.. been on holiday

  28. 1. Final LaLiga position and point total – 4th 68 pts

    2. European stage reached – Group stage – We win Europa!

    3.Best new signing – Mudo

    4. Most disappointing signing – Krane

    5. Biggest selling transfer by season’s end and transfer fee – n/a

    6. Champions winner – Barca

    7. Copa del Rey winner – Sevilla

    8. Top 4 in LaLiga – Barca, Ath M, RM, Sev

    9. Bottom 4 in LaLiga – Betis, Alaves, Osasuna, Gijon

    10. Top 3 scorers on team and total goals scored by each – Yedder 18, Vietto 14, Mudo 8

  29. 1. 4th 68 pts

    2. Group stage – We win Europa!

    3. Mudo

    4. Krane

    5. n/a

    6. Barca

    7. Sevilla

    8. Barca, Ath M, RM, Sev

    9. Betis, Alaves, Osasuna, Gijon

    10. Yedder 18, Vietto 14, Mudo 8

  30. 1. Final LaLiga position and point total – 4th with 71 points

    2. European stage reached – Champions League last 16

    3.Best new signing – Correa

    4. Most disappointing signing – Kranevitter

    5. Biggest selling transfer by season’s end and transfer fee – no departures in January

    6. Champions winner – Bayern Munich

    7. Copa del Rey winner – Real Madrid

    8. Top 4 in LaLiga – Real Madrid, Barcelona, At. Madrid, Bilbao

    9. Bottom 4 in LaLiga – Leganes, Betis, Eibar, Osasuna

    10. Top 3 scorers on team and total goals scored by each – Vietto – 15 Ben Yedder – 12 – Correa – 11

      1. haha! ooops

        I obviously didn’t think too hard about those predictions… I just did it quickly because I want a free Sevilla shirt 🙂

  31. 1. 4th – 65 points

    2. The one after the Champions League group-stage

    3. Vazquez…

    4. Ganso

    5. Not selling anyone!

    6. Barca

    7. Sevilla!!

    8. Real M, Barca, Atletico, Sevilla

    9. Osasuna, Sporting, Granada, Alaves

    10. Vietto (15), Ben Yedder (12) Sarabia (8)

    I didn’t look at any of you guys’ answers either!