Sevilla FC 2016-17 Predictions

The transfer window has finally closed and our long, dark night of loss has dawned on a sprightly new set of pieces and one shiny-domed chessmaster. To say this summer has been radical is only a slight etymological overstep, since the roots of Sevilla FC remain the same as ever (passionate and loud fan base, bald genius Monchi, buy low sell high economics, aim for Champions League), but the club has undertaken a massive transition. Why, we’ve had to learn a dozen new names! And forget a dozen more! And now that the dust has settled we have a fully-formed team, so let’s all guess at how good they’ll be and see who is most right in like 12 months, OK COOL?

I wrote a bunch of my own thoughts down for IntoTheCalderon, which you can read here. I didn’t get too far into predictions save for one bold guess that Sevilla would win their Champions League group this time around. It’ll be tough, but maybe I’ll look like a total brain stud in three months. That’s the best part about predicting!

BIG UPDATE!: The blog will reward the winner with a Sevilla FC official jersey and the runner up with a Monchi’s Men shirt! So it’s not all for bragging rights! If you have not yet posted your predictions, do so before week 3 in LaLiga to be considered for the prizes.

Here are the categories. Make your calls, people!

1. Final LaLiga position and point total

2. European stage reached

3.Best new signing

4. Most disappointing signing

5. Biggest selling transfer by season’s end and transfer fee

6. Champions winner

7. Copa del Rey winner

8. Top 4 in LaLiga

9. Bottom 4 in LaLiga

10. Top 3 scorers on team and total goals scored by each