Sevilla – Espanyol Postmatch Yearnings


We burst out of the gates today blasting shots and chances toward goal.  Once again, Kameni was our nemesis.  The seems to take it to a different level every time we play Espanyol.  He parried header after footer over, around and under the goal.  You could tell by the 35′ or so that the players were beginning to get frustrated with a deadlock while we were clearly the overwhelming dominators of the match.

Such is the game of football, though.  Espanyol struck on a quick backpost pass that looped over the defender and was somehow toe-poked into the upper 90 with Varas helpless to do anything but gape at the twist of fortune the game had granted Espanyol.  We continued to fight hard, though, and in the second half Capel came on to spark some deadman runs.  He did what he could, but unfortunately our sadface of the week goes to Luis Fabiano for missing several wonderful opportunities in front of the net.

The referee had really good control of the match early on: he let play continue when it was obvious that players (from both sides) were looking for cheap fouls instead of playing the sport.  He gave a just first yellow a bit after the 30′.  Later on, he seemed to favor the Cataláns a bit with their fake injuries, etc.  These are the things a team does when it’s up a goal away from home – we all do it.  Oh well.

So a few of us were clamoring for Negredo to come in earlier than he did, seeing how Lufa couldn’t hit a single barn even if he were placed in a field of barns and it were said to him, “Luisito: hit one of these barns, any one.  that one there, in fact, is fine.”  Negredo came on at 72′.  He scored two goals midweek, and we only gave him twenty minutes to run around.  He did put one past Kameni, finally, and it was a beeyoooot, although there was some handling of balls just before it.  His rocket volley was the only shot that could have bested the Kavemani on this day.  Unfortunately, this goal came in the second minute of extra time.  Oh, and Espanyol were up 0-2.  Details, details.

Looking ahead, we get Villareal in the vuelta of the Copa on Tuesday.  We have a good chance to go through, so I don’t think the team will lose focus.  Next weekend we welcome Levante in a match we should win.  Gotta give Espanyol credit.  They came in 5th place and had me assuming they weren’t as good as their table position.  As much as I hate to admit it and point to bad luck, etc, Espanyol (and Kameni, especially) bested us.  Time to get back to winning.  ADELANTEEE!!