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You guys. We. Are. Back! La Liga kicks off today, and Sevilla opens by hosting forever kindred folks Espanyol. It’s like the first week of school, seeing old friends again, noticing who’s graduated, and checking out the new kids. It’s damn good to be back, and to be back with all of you.

As mentioned, Sevilla starts the season with Espanyol, and I think it’s safe to assume our pre-existing bond over our lost heroes Puerta and Jarque will be especially felt both in a pre-match moment of silence and throughout the game as the victims in Barcelona are remembered and honored. That aside, though, this should be an entertaining and exciting game, with the usual early season rustiness and slip-ups creating a few extra attacking opportunities for both sides. (Hopefully more for our Catalunyan rivals, who don’t have the benefit of a competitive match already under their belt). Sevilla in particular has always struggled early in the year as key players have seemed to have a habit of leaving late, and replacements always coming later still, but this year the work was mostly done early on, which should ease things a bit.

On that note, I think commenting on a team’s final roster before the end of the transfer window is a bit like taking a cake out of the oven 15 minutes before it’s done and criticizing the texture, but I will say this has been a pretty remarkable transfer season for Sevilla: some honest to goodness expenditures (Muriel), significant returns (Navas, Banega), some thus far not transferred key players (N’Zonzi). Overall I think Sevillistas should feel pretty good about where the team is for this late in August, and as I was saying the fact that our biggest purchases were handled early in the season I think showed its value in a mostly-cohesive performance in mid-week Champions qualifying. Let’s let that cake finish baking, but so far looking good!

Anyway, welcome to another year, feel free to fill the pre-chat hours with transfer chatter and starting XI speculation, and then let’s do this, because La Liga has returned!!!

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Notable Replies

  1. Mark_L says:

    Vamos sevilla! Let’s start with a bang! :soccer:️:+1:

  2. ShendM says:

    Should aim for nothing less than 3 points tonight. I hope Berizzo won’t experiment much and field an A-team this time from the beginning.

    Very confident we can win tonight… and less drama than the last season please!

    P.S. On another note, I haven’t seen a team totally annihilate Atletico like Girona were doing in the first half. Will be interesting to see the second half also before our match kicks off.

  3. Mark_L says:

    Yeah surprising result so for with atletico 2-0 down. We’ll see how they respond. Promoted teams always dangerous to play early on.

    Good news for us, however this shows we must guard against complacency.

    Like shednm says, play our best team and get this won in 1st half. We need to start sharp and try make an early statement. Vamos!

  4. Vamos! Thinking we start WBY and then switch to Muriel at half so WBY can rest a bit before Champs League on Tuesday. Nolito and Navas on the wings would be great too so they can be rust free for Tuesday and make life very difficult for Istanbul who will need to press us looking for goals.

  5. Edinho says:

    Starting XI is out:


    I like that Soria gets to stake a claim. I’m just slightly worried about Lasso & Ganso unable to do anything in midfield.

  6. ShendM says:

    Sarabia at left back? Is this real?

  7. Edinho says:

    Toto loves to rotate, especially when he feels players aren’t in top shape to play twice a week yet. Didn’t like Sarabia at LB last season (got skinned alive numerous times), but going forward, his crosses will be lethal.

    I’m a fan of rotations, but only when there’s a recognizable core to build around. At this point only N’Zonzi & Lenglet are repeat starters, but i feel that’s only due to squad limitations.

  8. Wow I’m all about rotation but jeez. Lasso-Ganso…hope for the best there but would be satisfied to see those two just sit back playing defensively and let N’Zonzi do work with the wingers and Muriel.

  9. Rene1 says:

    Not sure I’ll even be able to watch this one… Been a long offseason and still not up to speed, but would be thrilled for us to get this win.

    Meanwhile… Atleti down 0-2 to Girona?!? 30’ so plenty of time but… still. Let’s not do that in our match.

  10. ShendM says:

    Dammit… those Atleti bastards equalized with 1 man down (Griezmann).

  11. jrmrhr says:

    Still 2 dropped points visiting a newly promoted side. With any luck they’ll be decisive points later.

  12. Damn - Soria out early with an injury. Something broken in the hand looks like. Poor guy. Really emotional coming off. Rico on

  13. Mark_L says:

    Goal!! Nolito!!!

  14. Mark_L says:

    Awful goal to give away. Complete mess up by us. However, we did some good things going forward. Navas played well, Muriel and nolito look dangerous.

    However, making all these changes and resting a lot of our key players was a big risk from Berrizo. I don’t mind a bit of squad rotation but not too much taking the core players out.

    Nevertheless we still can win it, we got options on the bench and I’ll take 1-1 at half as they had a few chances. Hopefully we can settle down and play much better 2nd half. Vamos sevilla! :slight_smile:

  15. Edinho says:

    Sometimes it sucks to be right, and this midfield isn’t working AT ALL. How is Lasso doing more work in there than Ganso? Send him the fuck back to Brazil, I’ve had enough! It may only be the first 45 min of the season, but c’mon man! I thought he left that bullshit in his first season. Now we gotta waste another sub on his ass?!

    Pardon the expletives, but that was some embarrassing stuff. You think N’Zonzi wants to stay after that kind of display?

  16. Long time listener, first time forum user, haha. Thanks Chris et al for all the serious sevillismo around these parts. Having small kids doesn’t help much with the ability to be an active Monchi’s Man(?).

    1-1 result at half seems reasonable. So pumped to hear Navas, Nolito, AND Muriel all contributing. Not sure I want them contributing today over mid-week, but this match is important in its own way.

  17. ShendM says:

    Feeling sorry for Soria, hope he recovers quickly, that was a good save to prevent doing down 0-1 after Borja’s mess-up.

    As for the match, 404-Error Midfield Not Found!

    We need the freaking midfield ffs! Wishing we’d had Mudo right now… there is no proper replacement of Banega and only Mudo could at least be a half-decent replacement. Borja not even close, the guy should only play in CDR. As for Ganso, we’d better off selling him now than regretting it during the season. Marcos Llorente for Ganso any given time!

    Also, Sarabia sucks at defending, very very unnatural playing at LB.

    Let this be as an excuse for panicking of the CL tie and having to qualify at all cost (big money at stake), but we definitely do not have the luxury to rotate like this, we could lose many many points if done frequently, not enough squad depth (quality-wise).

  18. Considering it is 113 degrees F in Sevilla, I totally understand the rotation with the important match on Tuesday. We have to go through to the groups to make our goals, so I’m fully behind the coaches move knowing the extreme heat.

  19. Rene1 says:

    hmmm havent been able to watch but doesn’t seem like things have cut our way. banega now with a red? what happened? a few minutes left… hoping we pull something off.

  20. Lots of possession by Sevilla. Dominated second half. lots of shots on goal. Banega fouled got yellow, said something to the ref and got a straight red.

  21. Muriel with three shots that could have found the back of the net, One found post.

  22. ShendM says:

    Well done Berizzo for fielding incompetent players in this match, which we should’ve comfortably won and control.

    Also well done to the 25-ish million striker who can’t score to save his life… 4 100% chances, I mean come on, it’s a joke right?

    This team urgently needs a LB and Jojo or a striker that can score or we’re down the gutter.

    Also next time MKD would be a way better solution than either Borja or Ganso in the midfield… and can’t wait for Mudo to be ready to play.

    Utterly disappointed.

  23. Edinho says:

    Ganso improved in the second, so I’ll give him that.

    I keep forgetting that Banega loves red cards as much as he likes dictating play. The overall game was frustrating.

    Muriel kept beating himself up over those missed chances. But that happens. Keep up with the next play. The goals will come.

    I think this was the best XI Berizzo could pick if everyone was to be rested. MKD never made the squad, so that left us with Ganso & Lasso. Lasso tried hard, but that was some Segunda quality stuff out there.

    Onto the important match on Tuesday, where they’ll hopefully give the fans a better show.

  24. Mark_L says:

    Bad result overall but at least we never lost. However, it’s a shame that we never started the season with a win and it’s obvious we lacking in a few areas.

    Still early days though and still have confidence this squad will come good and we will be in top 4 again.

  25. Brian says:

    My thoughts

    Well a few things about tonight soon became obvious,Borja Lasso is nowhere near ready for the first team and N’Zonzi is simply not interested in playing for Sevilla anymore and any offer for him should be accepted We also saw that. Sarabia is not a left back.

    The highlights were Navas who played like he’d never been away and Muuriel who with a bit of luck could have had a hat-trick, keep plugging away son the goals will come.

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