Sevilla – Espanyol Match Comments

You guys. We. Are. Back! La Liga kicks off today, and Sevilla opens by hosting forever kindred folks Espanyol. It’s like the first week of school, seeing old friends again, noticing who’s graduated, and checking out the new kids. It’s damn good to be back, and to be back with all of you.

As mentioned, Sevilla starts the season with Espanyol, and I think it’s safe to assume our pre-existing bond over our lost heroes Puerta and Jarque will be especially felt both in a pre-match moment of silence and throughout the game as the victims in Barcelona are remembered and honored. That aside, though, this should be an entertaining and exciting game, with the usual early season rustiness and slip-ups creating a few extra attacking opportunities for both sides. (Hopefully more for our Catalunyan rivals, who don’t have the benefit of a competitive match already under their belt). Sevilla in particular has always struggled early in the year as key players have seemed to have a habit of leaving late, and replacements always coming later still, but this year the work was mostly done early on, which should ease things a bit.

On that note, I think commenting on a team’s final roster before the end of the transfer window is a bit like taking a cake out of the oven 15 minutes before it’s done and criticizing the texture, but I will say this has been a pretty remarkable transfer season for Sevilla: some honest to goodness expenditures (Muriel), significant returns (Navas, Banega), some thus far not transferred key players (N’Zonzi). Overall I think Sevillistas should feel pretty good about where the team is for this late in August, and as I was saying the fact that our biggest purchases were handled early in the season I think showed its value in a mostly-cohesive performance in mid-week Champions qualifying. Let’s let that cake finish baking, but so far looking good!

Anyway, welcome to another year, feel free to fill the pre-chat hours with transfer chatter and starting XI speculation, and then let’s do this, because La Liga has returned!!!

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