Sevilla – Eibar

I honestly didn’t realize this week is a Champions League match day (the first of the year, no less!) until I saw that RM, Barca, Atleti, and Sevilla are all playing today. This is always a tricky turn, from international break to La Liga to European match within a week, so it’s nice that Sevilla has a relatively weak opponent today, Eibar.


I don’t think it’s a controversial statement to say Sevilla haven’t impressed yet this season. It’s reasonable to at least partially blame Banega’s absence, I suppose, though the team wasn’t exactly setting the field on fire before he was ejected in our first game of the season. Whatever the reason, I’m not really thinking today is the day to hope for Sevilla’s world-beating performance given that we’ve got a bigger, tougher match on Wednesday. So I suppose I’m just hoping for 3 points, regardless of the aesthetics, stats, or even scoreline.


On that note, let’s do this: nothing flashy, nothing even great; just 3 points. Vamos.

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