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When the Champions League schedule was released a couple months ago, one of the first things I noticed was that the stretch the team’s in now is about the toughest of the group stages. In the last 2 weeks we’ve been at Dinamo, hosted Atleti, at Gijon, and now at mid-week we host Dinamo, and then Barca visits this weekend. That’s not the most grueling month the team has ever seen, but it’s not a cakewalk, either.

One interesting outcome of this particular stretch is we’ll have a great opportunity this week to get a sense of how Sampaoli sees the team’s chances in La Liga and Champions League. A win Wednesday could see Sevilla secure a spot in the round of 32 in the Champions League (and give the team a decent chance to take top spot in 3 weeks when they host Juventus for match day 5). Meanwhile, Sevilla is 4th in the table and would overtake Barca if they managed a win this weekend. Both games represent an opportunity, and taking full advantage of either will likely come at some expense of the other. And all of that completely ignores the Nasri situation, and the basic question of how this team even works without a player who has become absolutely essential.

It’ll be fascinating to see how it all works, and if you want to see it, remember that Europa has already started its daylight savings time, so this game starts an hour later in the US than you’re used to. Be ready, be there, and vamos.

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  1. I don’t mind a draw and field all sub tonight.

    Getting second in group maybe turn out way better than getting first ..!

    We already avoid other 3 la liga team that probably will be first in group, and juventus.

    We will have a big chance to avoid bayern, dortmund and city which they will probably second in group.

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    2. Well… even if we win this one, we still have to beat both Juve and Lyon to obtain the 1st spot. Juve will smash Dinamo and it will be a battle of the titans between us and them.

      With tonight’s win, we would secure at least the 2nd spot, meaning we can lose the last 2 matches and still get qualified through the second place. If we don’t win tonight, we complicate things a lot and might even crash to EL again if we fail to beat Juve at home (very tough) and/or Lyon away (even tougher).

      So tonight, we NEED 3 points in order to rest assured and secure the qualification, otherwise it will get complicated.

      1. Agreed ShendM

        Anything less than 3 points tonight (in fact anything less than 6 points in total against Dinamo) would be a disaster for our qualification hopes

        If we end this group in 3rd place, it would be interesting to see how Sampaoli views the Europa League

  2. I really wanna win tonight be I also really wanna rest some of our key players. Mariano, Nzonzi, Vitolo and Mudo all deserve a rest, but I understand that it is also risky. If we don’t win tonight we are putting ourselves in a very difficult position. By winning we can close the qualification already now and focus a lot more on the league. Finishing the job tonight with no injuries and resting the above-mentioned players… THAT is the dream!

    Will we finally see Kiyotake tonight?!! Mercado is not playing against Barca because he is suspended so I expect him to play. Kolo, Carrico, Iborra, Sarabia, Ganso as well?
    It’s gonna be tough but I am really happy that we are at home!

  3. No rest for the key-players:

    And still no Kiyotake… I think he will be gone in the January transfer window.

  4. alright…. hopefully adrenaline of CL at home will propel these guys to glory despite tired legs.

    disappointed about kiyotake. he’s on the bench at least though, so maybe he’ll be a sub.

    will be very interesting now to see what they do against barca and if he rests first choice players against them despite it being on the brink of a “break”

    1. Messi, Neymar, Bale, CR, Griezmann, etc. never get rest….why do our guys need rest? I can see rotating one or two out every now and then, but why can the other big clubs get away with playing their stars 90 every game?

      1. Been wondering the same thing. I think Godin, Filipe Luis, Juanfran and Miranda got maybe 1-2 rests for the whole 2013-14 season if I remember well. I curiously checked Atletico’s formation in every match and it was always the same 4 players at the back for them. Not to mention Gabi and Koke… who never even got subbed of, let alone be rested.

        The only ones that got rest for Atletico (and the tradition continues nowadays) are the attacking players, because they need to always be fresh to suit Atletico’s play.

        We might need the midfielders to be fresher than the rest of the team, but definitely, if we want to achieve something big, frequent rotations will not work in the long run.

        I’d be more content with an average player who doesn’t get injured often and can play without getting rested more than 1-2 times rather than a super-talent who will need frequent rotation because they are not physically prepared to handle 3 high-level competitions.

  5. Well I just don’t think we are in the same position quality-wise. I’m not 100% sure about the substitutes at the top 3 teams, but I think we can all agree that there is quite a drop in quality if Nzonzi gets injured and Kranevitter is the next in line. As well as our Nasri-situation at the moment with Ganso bring his replacement.

  6. YES! no angle, so he just blasts it through the goalie.

    vitolo looks like he’s a little stiff… hope he’s fine.

    good work from Vietto.

  7. Not bad. Now with the player advantage, the team might have more fun in the second half. A goal or two should kill off the match and avoid any surprises, even though Dinamo haven’t shown any real threat so far.

    Juve is winning vs. Lyon so as things stand, we’re through to the next round!

    Ganso and Kranevitter not playing bad… although would like to see Kiyotake and Sarabia in the second half. Vitolo looks a bit injured after that first tackle on him early in the match, so it would be wise to save him for Barca and not risk any further damage. He also doesn’t seem to be in a good mood for this match anyway.

    N’Zonzi…. probably one of the best midfielders we ever had, if not the best?

  8. This is the strongest Sevilla side in years! Yes we didn’t beat sporting but we dominated the match like most games this season except Bilbao away! Barca will have it mighty tough on Sunday, I think we can beat them. Their away form is dodger at present! Will be tough but we can win!

  9. Fucking Juventus bastards….. we still need 1 point out of 2 extremely tough matches. If we don’t get a point vs. Juventus at home, I doubt we will get one vs. Lyon away… they will leave their souls in the pitch to beat us and go through, it will be tougher than the Atletico match. Why are we supposed to always battle for certain achievements? If the Gods of football existed, we would have gone through tonight along with the pathetic team of Juventus. What a bunch of pathetic idiots. Hopefully we beat them and then lose vs. Lyon to see them not go through in CL…. fucking idiots!

  10. Beautiful passing all night and total command 73% possession and 12 shots on goal. Even when they weren’t finishing early is was still domination. Ben Yedder’s goal at the end while not neccessary was still excellent.

    Juve and Real Madrid dropped points so good day all around.

  11. We will get the point we need! We are the best team in this group! Just need to get more wins on the road but it will come. I have faith in this side and sampaoli! 🙂

  12. Nothing to suggest we cant beat juventus at home and or pick up points against lyon, we can easily do this.

    Of course would have been easier if we were through tonight but we will still go through and possibly on top.

  13. just an awesome result. i couldnt watch the second half, how did the subs look? ben yedder had a goal which is great. and did kiyotake do anything noteworthy?

    bring on barca!

  14. Nearly there.
    We did ourselves a world of good by scoring 4 goals without conceding tonight, this means we have a goal diff of 6 for & 0 against.
    Lyon have a goal diff of 4 for & 3 against.

    So providing we don’t concede 5 more goals than Lyon can score against both Dinamo and us. we will still go through even if we lose both upcoming games without scoring.

    1. It’s actually the h2h result. So if we don’t get a point vs. Juve at home, we will have to either draw vs. Lyon away or lose by one goal margin, while scoring a goal at least (2:1, 3:2 etc.)

    1. That’s why I’m thinking it will be tough and considering our historical tradition when it comes to important stuff besides EL and CDR… we always somehow screw it up!

      Juve is all to blame for this mess, but I’m pretty sure that we will have a higher chance of getting a point or even win vs. Juve at home rather than Lyon away.

  15. Got to agree there ShendM. I feel our best chance is in getting something from the Juve game. I was there on that great night when we beat them in the Europa league and will be in attendance again hoping for the same result. I’m just so glad we won’t have to rely on llorente this time.

  16. Man you don’t know how mad I’m at Juve. They should’ve won it, i’m not all confident about winning at Lyon, we need to get it done vs Juve .

    1. Rusescu scored the winner vs. Villarreal for his club Osmanlispor. Aspas having a blast at Celta and so is Immobile at Lazio.

      The most surprising, Fazio has consolidated himself at Roma and became an undisputed starter.

      Banega failing hard with Inter…. Bacca the only one doing something at AC Milan.

      Krycho not a started anymore at PSG… rarely features.

      Some observation regarding ex-players of Sevilla.

      1. The LFP wouldn’t allow that as it would mean the title belongs to us…. they still want to give it to Barca or RM and this will be shown no further than on Sunday with the referees and all that. Same ol’ story!

  17. Good update on the players Shendm!

    Banega should have stayed with us where he was loved! But would we have got Nasri then?

    Good to see Fazio doing well as well as Aspas and Immobile whom neither i feel we gave a fair chance to. Hope they do well as long as its not against us.

  18. Both Vitolo and Escudero have been called up for Spains squad which is the first call up for the later.

    1. Perfect! Escudero is slowly but safely turning into a Juanfran/Arbeloa type, a crucial full back for the team and one of the best full backs in La Liga. Tremoulinas will have a very hard time to get Escudero’s place now, as the guy has been stepping up his level a lot lately. He is contributing immensely to the defensive part and his breakthroughs in the attacking part are very good.

  19. Agreed Escudero is becoming a very good player strong in defence and attack and most of all consistent.

    In other news Nasri is back training with the group and in possible contention for the Barca game.

  20. List for tomorrow night’s derby: Sergio Rico, Sirigu, Mariano, Carriço, Kranevitter, Vietto, Nasri, Iborra, Ben Yedder, Kiyotake, Nzonzi, Correa, Escudero, Ganso, Vitolo, Sarabia, Rami and Franco Vázquez.

    1. Definitely. Our top-form CB’s are missing, Pareja and Mercado. Thankfully we have Rami there, and hopefully Carrico will not be as shaky as in the match vs. Gijon last week.

      The most probable defensive lineup vs. Barca:

      Mariano – Rami – Carrico – Escudero

  21. Certainly our weak CB pairing against MSN is a worry.

    On other news Sociedad up 2-0 against Atletico with less than 10 to play