Sevilla devastated after falling out of Europa League contention

It’s official ladies and gentlemen.  Sevilla will not raise the Europa League trophy this year.

Our proud boys in red and white turned in a truly gritty performance to come away with a prescious point away in Lyon.  They were unphased by Lyon’s pressure and equally unphased by Lyon fans throwing trash, the physical representation of themselves, onto the pitch, pretty much for the entire duration.

Despite no goals scored, the first half was fairly wild with pretty legitimate penalty claims for both sides.  In addition Lyon helped us out by hitting our crossbar twice and Vitolo, not to be outdone, pinged his clear break away shot off the post with the goalie entirely beat.

Otherwise, the back line held fairly strong (as they should’ve, there were five of them).  And we packed the box and sought to bog down there attack as much as possible.  Pretty gross to watch.  But pretty effective.

The second half was even uglier. Personally, I consider it also to be a win that no one was hurt even though Mercado’s yellow card means he’ll miss the first match of the next round.  Was also good that Nasri essentially played the full match.  He didn’t look particularly great, but after all that time off, I’m just glad to see him back and assume his form will improve over the next week or so.  Rico, my man of the match.

Real Madrid clearly threw away their group win which is pretty annoying since it now means that we could face Dortmund in the next round.  Our possible matchups are: Arsenal, Napoli, Monaco, Dortmund, and Leicester.  Leicester please!  Mostly I’d like to avoid Dortmund (damn you RM).

Anyway, another great day for our great (sometimes) team. Let’s hope we can now start to play some better football and get back to accumulating points in La Liga.


PS.  The picture is one that showed up when I did a google search for “Sevilla fan tears”.  It’s a Liverpool fan crying after our Europa win 🙂  We are awesome.

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  1. Man of the match for me was absolutely N’Zonzi… the only player that was effective for the majority of the match, although he lost 2 balls in the midfield… still… a pretty solid performance.

    Saying it again, our overall performance sucked tonight. We came with an intention of wasting time and making the match boring, however, against a better team, this would’ve been a suicide.

    Hopefully we step it up in the next round and show the whole world that we are not just the EL experts… but we can also do quite some damage in CL!

  2. Post

    Here are my preferences:

    Leicester > Monacco > Arsenal > Napoli > Dortmund

    Arsenal would be harder than Napoli and possibly Dortmund, but it would just be really fun when we beat them 🙂

  3. Dortmund is the only team i fear. We can beat the rest.

    Leicester or monaco are ideal but we can beat arsenal who arnt anything special and napoli.

  4. Congrats to the boys for following a gameplan & getting the job done. 1st half could have easily been 3-2 for Lyon, but i feel referee was fair in his decisions. Sure, Vitolo was fouled in the box, but Valbuena kinda did too, so i think the ref just evened things out. It was a big game with a lot on the line, so he didn’t make any calls that would jeopardize a close match (learn from this Clattenburg!)

    Despite early scares in that 1st half, our defence was pretty solid tonight — shoutout to the crossbar. And when will these wingers learn that Mariano can’t be messed with?

    N’Zonzi was back to his imperious self. You could see how comfortable he becomes when Nasri’s in midfield with him. Also, Sarabia lacks a bit of pace it seems. I’d love to see Aleix come back and torch some of these fullbacks.

    What a difference a game makes. Things looked gloomy as hell after losing to lowly Granada. Let’s take this momentum to Balaídos, which should be an exciting match vs Celta.

    Also, let’s not be like Real Mierda and hope for an easy path in the knockout round. I don’t care who we get. So bring on your Dortmunds & Arsenals! We’ll be a completely different Sevilla in March.


  5. Bastards of UEFA reportedly sanctioned Sampaoli with 2 matches from the expulsion in the scandalous match vs. Juventus. He fulfilled the one match ban last night vs. Lyon and now will finish it in the next match, the first game of the 1/16 round in CL.

    It’s a pity that we won’t be able to have the passionate coach in the bench in a very crucial first match, which will be away to a first placed team.

    1. There are rumors and contemplating only for a striker position. Aleix Vidal is in the mix too… but midfielders are not being mentioned for months now. Rudy was the one to be linked with us in October I think… and that was it.

  6. Jokes aside, It’s time for club to take big step towards becoming a big club, we can advance to qf and even semi final of cl with bit of luck, that will bring in extra 40m cash, add extra 40 m cash from new la liga deal. Now we have no excuse to sell our players. finishing in top 4 and reaching qf final should be our primary priority. If Castro is not serious about taking big step, then he must find a new investor who is willing to spend. Castro and Co are making huge profit every year by selling any player he can. As far as new recruitment is concerned I don’t think there’s a need of a new striker, Ben Yedder fits the bill if he gets enough service from the midfield. Buy a decent DM that can shield the defence while Nzonzi and Nasri do their creative and distributing duty. I think we made a mistake by buying too many wingers in Mado, Sarabia and Correa, we are forced to play Vitolo in mf, and he’s not a midfielder by any means.

  7. A very good article that sums up our recent transfer rumors for a striker:


    Turns out Sampaoli’s favorite (Pratto) has an Italian passport and will not need a free space for the foreign quota. Same with Calleri, but that player’s a waste. Miguel Borja is 50 times better for that age.

    If we cannot get Bacca (quite difficult and complicated to be honest), then the second priority should be Pratto and the third Gerard Moreno of Espanyol, who was La Liga experience and is in a pretty good form. Any other striker would be mediocre compared to the three.

    In Monchi we trust, and as member Rico said, if we are not serious to step it up and truly become a top club, then we need a foreign investor to do so… this can’t go on eternally.

  8. The list for tomorrow’s important match vs. Celta:

    Sergio Rico, Sirigu, Mariano, Kiyotake, Kolo, Vázquez, Kranevitter, Iborra, Vietto, Nzonzi, Vitolo, Rami, Nasri, Correa, Ben Yedder, Sarabia, Pareja and Mercado.

    No Escudero, Carrico and Ganso (injuries).

    Hopefully we’ll get 3 points somehow tomorrow… or it’s goodbye Barca and RM, we won’t be able to catch or be close to them anymore. Top 4 is already in doubt with a lot of teams chasing us underneath, so any mistake can cost us a lot and we shouldn’t always rely on others to drop points.

  9. Both Real and Barca won last night so Sevilla really need to show their colours if they plan on making the top 4 and secure constant participation in the Champions League.

    In other news, I’ve heard Inter are already shopping Banega around, can anyone confirm this? He’s only been there for half a season now they already want him gone lol

    1. The patience of those mediocre Italian clubs is quite low. No wonder they’re at this level now, no one watches them and Juve can field their B team the whole season, yet still win the league in the end.

  10. ^ That’d be pretty sad if true. Banega was what that team needed. This just shows how much of a mess they’re in. You raise a good point too – it’s quite sad how the overall league is a mess as well. It used to have so much depth.

  11. Any match thread?

    Official lineup:


    Mariano – Pareja – Rami – Mercado


    Sarabia Mudo – Nasri Vitolo

    Ben Yedder

    It should be something like this, a 4-1-4-1 kind of. Not a bad lineup, perhaps the best that we’ve got except Escudero.

    Let’s get the 3 golden points today. We sure can do it!