Sevilla devastated after falling out of Europa League contention

It’s official ladies and gentlemen.  Sevilla will not raise the Europa League trophy this year.

Our proud boys in red and white turned in a truly gritty performance to come away with a prescious point away in Lyon.  They were unphased by Lyon’s pressure and equally unphased by Lyon fans throwing trash, the physical representation of themselves, onto the pitch, pretty much for the entire duration.

Despite no goals scored, the first half was fairly wild with pretty legitimate penalty claims for both sides.  In addition Lyon helped us out by hitting our crossbar twice and Vitolo, not to be outdone, pinged his clear break away shot off the post with the goalie entirely beat.

Otherwise, the back line held fairly strong (as they should’ve, there were five of them).  And we packed the box and sought to bog down there attack as much as possible.  Pretty gross to watch.  But pretty effective.

The second half was even uglier. Personally, I consider it also to be a win that no one was hurt even though Mercado’s yellow card means he’ll miss the first match of the next round.  Was also good that Nasri essentially played the full match.  He didn’t look particularly great, but after all that time off, I’m just glad to see him back and assume his form will improve over the next week or so.  Rico, my man of the match.

Real Madrid clearly threw away their group win which is pretty annoying since it now means that we could face Dortmund in the next round.  Our possible matchups are: Arsenal, Napoli, Monaco, Dortmund, and Leicester.  Leicester please!  Mostly I’d like to avoid Dortmund (damn you RM).

Anyway, another great day for our great (sometimes) team. Let’s hope we can now start to play some better football and get back to accumulating points in La Liga.


PS.  The picture is one that showed up when I did a google search for “Sevilla fan tears”.  It’s a Liverpool fan crying after our Europa win 🙂  We are awesome.