Sevilla – Deportivo Match Comments

Well, the midweek result against that crappy team from Croatia wasn’t terrible. But it also wasn’t very good. And certainly wasn’t the type of inspiring rebound I think we’d hoped for after the Atletico beat down.

Thankfully, Kolo is not on the active roster for this game. So we have that going for us.

Aside from the “have to win the games you’re supposed to” cliche/truth, I think its important to set this team’s morale back on track before another (insufferable) international break. I’d be pretty pleased to take three points here, and park ourselves in 3rd place behind Valencia and Barca but above the Madrids for a few weeks.

Unfortunately, this game starts at an ungodly hour for west coast time, so I won’t be watching it. But I’ll be eager to read through the comments of anyone who does get to. Hoping for good news when I wake up.