Sevilla @ Deportivo: Match Comments

Back on the road. This is a match we have to win. Sampaoli, fresh off winning La Liga manager of the month, is only using one player who actually played over the international break. Vitolo gets a rest for the first time in forever. Nasri and Kiyotake aren’t available. This lineup looks really light on attacking talent. I’m guessing Mariano is going to play at RW. I hope Sampaoli isn’t putting Ganso on the wing.

Sergio Rico





Bench: Sirigu, Rami, Iborra, Tucu Correa, Mudo, Vitolo, Ben Yedder


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    There’s nobody in the box. Vietto and Sarabia keep drifting wide and there’s no one to receive a cross, even with Nzonzi pushing up.

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  5. That was a deserved goal we got but we really need to score on our chances! Sarabia and Nzonzi could have put one in the net. Mariano gets lots of space on the right wing but when there is noone in the box to receive it, it’s kinda useless.
    I have seen nothing to Kranevitter at all. My stream is kinda shitty so I might just not be able to see him, but the commentator only mentioned him in the first 5 minutes and then he vanished.
    Ganso with a brilliant pass to Sarabia. We need to get him more involved. Keep him in the middle and give him the ball – I am certain he will find some space.

    The defending has been shit. The first goal I think it was Carrico who got completely mugged off by Babel. And the second goal three of our players were left stranded. Not good enough! We need to go out in the second half with way more intensity. Just like we usually do at the RSP!

  6. Damn….. that Andone guy made our defense look like Tercera players.

    We need the likes of Vitolo, Mudo and why not even Ben Yedder in the second in order to do something in this match. We have too little offensive force, for a team that is fully concentrated on counters. The only way to prevent counters is to score goals, and we are certainly not even close to doing it. N’Zonzi saved our faces in the first half…. but Sarabia should’ve scored that sitter… had all the time in the world… what a miss.

    We can win this, if we keep creating chances and actually making something out of the huge possession. Depor are piss poor… Babel and Andone so far are annihilating our defenders, hopefully they wake up in the second half. Why is Rami not playing? He’d have both those Depor players in the pocket by now.

    Let’s get those 3 points!

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  8. What this Vietto guy has done to deserve every single minute he gets week in week out? He lacks shooting instinct of a striker period. Our midfield? No one bar Nzonzi seems to care. Kiyotake was quite creative before he was benched. We seem to be clueless in final third, no one is making vertical run when bus is parked, we over do with ball there and lose.

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  11. HAHA!!!! Take that fucking Depor…. Babel is a winger by trade but today he suddenly decided to become a pure defender…. what a joke of a team this Depor is. Glad we beat these shameful bastards!

    Thank you N’Zonzi, Vitolo and Mercado!

  12. Vamos Sevilla! What a big win! At a ground we tend to struggle and great to get another away win. Great fight back from the team and perfect response to Barca defeat. We stay up there! 🙂

  13. Wow Sevilla! Why do you continually play with our emotions like that!? Incredible end to the game! Cosign Jolazo, i love it when we make time-wasters pay.

    Our comeback today shows what this team is capable of (and that Depor wasn’t that good in the first place.) I think we could have achieved a similar result in Gijón, but our finishing was absent there (a recurring theme.) With Vietto doing slightly better than Ben Yedder, we’re stuck with Luciano’s apathy for now. I’d rather see Wissam more tbh.

    I’m a bit worried about our strength in depth. With a few changes to our best XI, we still struggled. I usually cringe when i see Kranevitter in the lineup, but i think he did well after Sampaoli used him as a 3rd CB in the 2nd half. I think he’s a good option there if we ever want to switch tactics from a double-pivot. I don’t think he’s ready for N’Zonzi role on his own though.

    Btw ShendM, you called it with those 3 subs to perfection!

    What a great way to start this final stretch of games before the winter break. Hopefully this gives the boys more confidence on their away trips. On to Matchday 5 for a HUGE game vs the Old Lady.

    PS: Shoutout to our Andalusian cousins for taking points off Barça. Ref did everything in his power to give them a victory, but they squad ain’t shit. 🙂

    PPS: Sevilla Atletico have a 2-goal lead in Mallorca at HT. Them boys are taking no prisoners! ¡Vamos mi Sevilla!

  14. Watching Madrid Derby lol now I understand why Simeone lost 2ucl final to RM, he choses his favourite players against them irrespective of form, torres ahead of Gameiro when later has been playing so well? In last final RM were on knees for taking but Simeone kept Torres for whole 120m, didn’t bring in Cornea.

  15. awesome waking up to this. really big three points and we’ll finish no lower than 4th after this week.

    id say the ref could’ve helped barca more if he wanted. the straight red was too harsh. but there was also a fairly clear penalty that he didnt call for them. and he called back a goal on a somewhat borderline offsides call.

    i hate ronaldo. i’ll just leave it at that. but nice to be 3 up on atleti.

  16. Great to win away from home again! Also Malaga holding out on Barca is great but makes me wish even more we took our deserved points against them.

    I hear Ganso played ok and krane also. Any views on these two from those who saw the game?

    1. Ganso was good in overall. Kranevitter… better in the second half but a ‘meh’ performance throughout the match.

  17. Hopefully Ganso is starting to find his feet and progresses further for us. He becomes important for depth of the squad at the very least.

    Send Krane back to Atletico ang get a new DM to help Nzonzi!

    New DM and new Striker would be nice.

  18. Please don’t call Krane a DM, he’s anything but DM lol, never saw a DM who hate to tackle and love to hide. Send him back. It seems Madrid is running with la liga, would be nice if we keep winning and see what happens:P

    1. Yeah…. he’s constantly like a chicken. I don’t know what Simeone & Co saw in him to get him at Atletico… not even a tiny bit an Atletico type of player. Just imagine comparing him to the likes of: Gabi, Koke, Thiago etc.

      Also true about tackling…. that guy plays very ‘cleanly’… yet he is not Ronaldinho… or Zidane… a mastermind to play clean and stylish. Players like him need to be all over the pitch and leave their souls there…. like Krycho or someone of that type of player.

  19. Just saw Sevilla FB make a post saying we are currently the third best away team so far this season. Incredible turn around