Sevilla – Depor Match Preview/Comments

After that lame break we’re back in La Liga action tomorrow when we host Deportivo in our house. Unfortunately I haven’t been their manager in any video games, so even though I’ve seen them play several times I can’t say I REALLY know what they’re all about. Bottom line though is that they’re pretty good and this is going to be a tricky contest for us, made more so by some interesting choices in our game-day roster, which is:

Palop, Javi Varas, Alexis, Konko, Fernando Navarro, Cáceres, Zokora, Renato, Alfaro, José Carlos, Kanouté, Luis Fabiano, Negredo, Navas, Perotti, Capel, Escudé y Guarente.

Notable newbies include Guarente and Cáceres, who will both be suiting for a real game for the first time. Nice to see new people of course, but some key absences have freed up the space, such as…

Cigarini is not in that list after injuring himself in training this week (he’ll be back next week but is not expected against PSG). Also missing is Dabo, who is in good health and whose absence Álvarez explained thusly: “It’s a technical decision. He’s played every game since he got here and there are other teammates that are working well and they have to feel important, too.” I’ll assume he’s mostly basing his decision on training performance and fatigue levels and not so no one’s ego is bruised…although I guess that’s important, too. These grown men being paid millions of dollars to play a game every week for 9-10 months/year have a hard enough life and they shouldn’t have to suffer the indignity of not feeling important on top of everything else, so one has to coddle them as much as possible. Actually I suppose it’s also possible we’re looking ahead to midweek Europa League action but I hope we’re not doing that this early in the season after an international break. Did I mention that these people ONLY have to play soccer all day? They ought to be able to handle a mid-week game.

I have no insight into who is likely to start or in what formation we’ll play, but I’d say that’s mostly a good thing, or at any rate better than everyone knowing the one thing we’re going to do all day every day. For his part Alvarez commented at the press conference that he knows exactly how he wants Sevilla to play…but then he didn’t actually say how that is. So I guess he’ll show us tomorrow. Fine by me as long as it includes 7-0 scorelines.

RM and Barca have both now dropped points in their first two games of the season, and with Atleti and Athletic facing off in a few minutes here there’s a decent chance a win would allow us to reclaim first place. LET’S DO THIS!!!