Sevilla – Depor Match Preview and Comments

One bummer about residing in the bottom half of the table, as Sevilla has for much of this year, is that there are, mathematically speaking, fewer opponents that are waaaaaay down the table to look down on. But even from their middling spot at 11th place in the table, Sevilla needs binoculars to see all the way down to this week’s opponent Depor, anchored as they are to the bottom of the table in last place, with only 16 points and a staggering –24 goal differential. Usually “we ought to win this one” is the kiss of death for this club, but in this case I think we can feel very confident about our chances as we host the Galician failbots. Sure, we’re coming off that frustrating loss to Real Madrid, but (optimism in the comments section around here notwithstanding) you should never go to the Bernabéu expecting 3 points. I’m not saying 4–1 is a great or even respectable result, but it shouldn’t be shocking, and shouldn’t derail us this week.

Cicinho will unfortunately not be available today as he is still battling his injury. Joining him in not joining the team tomorrow are Palop (still injured) and Maduro (red card), as well as long-term injuries Trochowski and Perotti. Rabello is unfortunately not eligible despite training with the first team because of an unfortunate situation regarding his non-EU passport, the arrival of Stevanovic, and the stalled negotiations between Bosnia-Herzegovina and the EU regarding the former joining the latter. Which is an interesting intersection of politics and soccer, but also a huge pain in the ass for the development of our promising young future star.

But even injuries and geopolitical stalemates shouldn’t stop Sevilla from winning tomorrow! So stop by here and enjoy what will hopefully be a solid 3 points between two very tough away matches. And in the meantime, fill up those comments with score predictions, suggested lineups, and all the tactical nuance you guys are so good at discussing!