Sevilla – Celta Vigo Match Comments

Sevilla enters this week’s match back in the bottom half of the table and once again with a negative goal differential after our mid-week smackdown at the Bernabéu. But today we face a team doing even worse than us, newly promoted Celta Vigo, looming just barely above the relegation spots (where one imagines they will spend pretty much the entire year, I suppose) but, one casually notes, a better goal differential than our heroes. Hopefully not so by the end of the day, though, right guys?!?

While the Madrid game was frustrating for lots of reasons, there was plenty of cuase for optimism if that’s what you’re into–the team created buckets of scoring chances, several players looked promising, and in general it looks like the team is starting to look like what Emery’s going for. On the other hand, there were those 7 goals we let in–we are TERRIBLE in the back and it’s hard to see how that gets better any time soon.

Unfortunately, it’s especially hard to see how our defensive struggles get any better today, since M’bia was sent off against Madrid. That leaves a perpetually undermanned defensive group a bit more strained and likely a bit more exposed. It will be interesting to see how the team copes with this challenge–more defensive help in the midfield at the expense of attacking options when moving forward? Play with one forward again? (And in that case, Bacca or Gameiro?) Call Medel and see if he’s interested in playing a quick game for us? Make Rakitic play even furhter from the end of the pitch where he’s most effective? I have no idea, so you guys better fill up the comments with all the good ideas.