Sevilla @ Celta Vigo: Match Comments

Another week, another road match against a potential bogey team. The revenge of Iago Aspas led to a stunning home loss at the Sanchez Pizjuan at the beginning of last season, but we crushed them 4-0 at home in the Copa del Rey semifinal and managed two draws in our two trips to Balaidos last season.

Progress to the Round of 16 allows us to focus on the league for the next couple months, and hopefully less rotation leads to more consistency. I really hope Sampaoli uses this time to give Ben Yedder a chance to claim the starting striker spot. We need to see if he can handle that role or if a big money striker purchase is necessary in January.

Sampaoli is going with a fairly strong attacking lineup with the aforementioned Ben Yedder earning the start after a nice cameo in Lyon. Mudo really needs to show something. I know I’m not the only one who thinks Kiyotake should be given the opportunity in his role.






Ben Yedder

Bench: Sirigu, Kolo, Kiyotake, Kranevitter, Iborra, Tucu, Vietto


How pointless was that Sirigu loan on a scale from Cheryshev to Mbia? Has he played more than one match since he gave Aduriz that love tap. Are we gonna send him back to Emery in January?

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    We really need Mudo to offer Nasri more of an outlet. We’ve got every attacking player on one side of the field. No attacking balance.

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      Most recent thing I can find is that both were training when Bacca randomly showed up for training. There’s no specific timetable yet, but given Kolo’s comments yesterday which all but guaranteed he’d leave in January, Benny better be back soon or we’re gonna have serious left back issues.

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      Nico should be taking all of our free kicks, including corners. Sarabia and Mudo haven’t put a good ball in in weeks.

  2. Well the Danish commentator said that MKD had been training well and was about ready to play again. MKD even said himself to SFC TV that it wouldn’t take long before he was match ready.
    So maybe in January or in the return leg in the Copa!

    Tremo I don’t know. I think he returned to training but then got a small injury again.

  3. Quite a bad half… Celta had the upper hand, but Mudo should’ve done better there after that great pass from Nasri.

    Anyway, we should be able to hold onto a draw, but might surprise them with a victory, snatched in a sneaky way somehow. We should keep a clean sheet as it will be very difficult to go all in attack with this super counter-attacking Celta. Aspas is also giving his 100% as it seems, but thankfully our back 3 are proving to be solid so far.

    Let’s hope for the best in the second half…. and maybe we need Vietto for Ben Yedder later on, as Ben Yedder isn’t getting any pass or cross, which would be wasteful even for the likes of Benzema not only him. A pity our midfielders and “wingers” (all midfield btw) are not doing anything to create more chances.

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  5. Vitolo has to keep that down instead of looking for top corner. Great move in the box. Now Vigo with their best chance at the other end just wide.

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    Iborra pulls rank after Correa draws another penalty. He’s been taking lessons from Vitolo. But nobody is ever gonna let him take the penalty lol. Hattrick for Vicente.

  8. Sevilla way to good. Professional performance and great in defence, patience in attack. Great in possession and link up play. Iborra was awesome and deserved hatrick. Great subs and change of tactics from sampaoli.

    Granada was a blip. We are the real deal as we proved in Lyon when it mattered too. We can stay in top 3 and keep up with the top 2 if we keep our best team and limit injuries, no Europe for a while will help too!

    Celta had been in great form at home all season and beat Barca here so it’s a Brillant result for us. We well and truly banished the away demons now. This is a new look Sevilla away from home under sampaoli with new players to last year. Much better!

  9. Wow…. what a great surprise! Iborra for Pichichi… who said we need a striker?

    Kudos to Sampaoli for not blindly trusting Vietto or Kranevitter in an important match like this. Ben Yedder fought hard for the time he was on and did a great job. Iborra returning to the old Emery-era form? Would be great to see more of him with these splendid performances like today…. superb both in attack and defense… what a control for that second goal… just amazing.

    It’s a whole different story with Nasri on the pitch… that guy oozes class and is probably in top 15 players in Europe skills-wise. However, he has this bad habit of keeping the ball for too much, when sometimes what is needed most is just a simple through pass or cross. But… Nasri is Nasri and we love him for what he is. Hopefully somehow we manage to sign him in summer.

    Mudo flop of the match for me…. didn’t offer anything, got a silly yellow, lost a lot of balls etc. To be honest, I lost count around the 70th minute of the passing errors we did in this match…. a huge amount of them, errors that cannot be committed in an important CL match let’s say. We were quite lucky not to concede in the first half, but after Iborra’s header in the second half, the match changed completely in our favor.

    We still need to work on the counters though. Correa is a great counter attacking player, but not so much for buildup play…. Correa, Vitolo and Ben Yedder/Vietto would do wonders under Emery. We were widely known as an counter attacking team since 2013 with Emery, and now, we mostly dominate matches with possession, and try to build up the attack, but often we get stuck in our own half and make a lot of silly errors, which sometimes cost us and sometimes not, like today, but luck isn’t a factor to be depended on.

    Anyway, very important 3 points to stay on track and one more thing…. read those comments by Kolo and he’s definitely not to be blamed as he is being considered as the 5th choice after Rami,Pareja,Carrico,Mercado, and now with Escudero cementing the left back position along with Tremo returning soon, he is 100% right and I’d wish him luck wherever he goes in January. However, today he had a good display, besides playing for around 15 minutes, but the 3rd counter-attacking goal is all on him, and he defended well in the final stages of the match. As jolazo said, Tremo better recover soon or we’ll be left without a LB if Escudero won’t be able to play or needs rest. Mercado can also feature as LB, but he did in a couple of matches this season, performing quite bad.

    We’re 3rd, with Barca 1 point ahead of us and RM with 7, however, if we beat RM at home on 15th of January, La Liga will become very very exciting!

    1. Some (me) accused Reyes of the exact same proclivity for holding the ball too long (and losing it) when simpler passes presented themselves. I also will refrain from arguing he stop until it shows itself to be an issue. Great showing from Nasri, who seems fully back.

      1. In the match vs. Lyon, seemed like all our players were told to hold onto the ball, obviously to make as few errors as possible. Today, it was Nasri as it’s in his style of course… but as you’re saying Aaron, as long as it wins us matches, he can dribble all day long, and even get the ball with him at home after the match 😛

  10. According to La Liga Loca:

    Iborra is the first midfielder in the 21st Century in La Liga to score a hat-trick coming from the bench

    And he is also the first Sevilla player to score a hat-trick in club history in the top flight, from the bench

  11. Great win,now the team will turn it’s focus to the league until February..so i expect many points until then.Beating Malaga it’s a great way to close the year,so far 3 spot and C.L round of 16!And things can be better only.Lets see the draw tommorow,i have a feeling about Leicester..The draws have been kind to us..somehow in Europe,both E.L and C.L.Cant wait until tommorow.As for today nothing to say,we are so far,by distance,third better team in the league,and i cant see how we ll loose the first 4.

  12. i think that celebrating a top 4 finish is waaaay too early. we’ve started in strong position, but we should keep thing in check. we will finish the week no more than 4 points from 5th. 4 points is nothing. its two games. and we have 23 to play. personally, im still not even thinking about chasing the top 2, im skeptical that it is at all realistic until we’ve reached match day 30. then we can talk. for now, i want more separation from bilbao, atleti, sociedad, and villareal. at least betis did us a favor by beating bilbao and atleti and villareal play tomorrow (which should be a fun game).

    anyway, we’re in good position. so lets make sure we get all three from malaga, and that we handle business in the copa (it would be hard not to) as we head into the winter break. and, of course, transfer season is going to have its own insane intrigue as well. will be fun.

    1. Ideal start of the week tomorrow:

      1) Pareja is ok

      2) We get Arsenal in CL

      3) Villarreal vs. Atletico ends in a draw


  13. Great win over Celta.. a very important one after dropping silly points to Granada. Its been a great week after the draw to Lyon.

    I fly into Sevilla in one weeks time for a few days before heading down to Tenerife and Cape Verde. Of course unfortunately we miss the Malaga game by two days but it will be my wifes first time to Sevilla. Looking forward to being back in this majical city.

  14. I couldn’t watch the game yesterday, but very happy with the result, and now can sit back, relax and watch the Champions League draw

    Hoping for Arsenal (mainly so I can go to the away game)