Sevilla – Celta Preview and Match Comments

On a purely objective metric, this has been a pretty terrible week for Sevilla FC and us supporters. First, we lost that game at the Camp Nou, a game we probably played well enough to win, but ultimately didn’t because of some poor finishing, some bad luck, and probably that we were playing an exceptionally talented team. And then, of course, we lost our chance at a trophy this year at mid-week, again despite playing pretty well, basically just on the damage caused by two instances of really poor defending in the first half hour of the game. So…yeah. It’s been a tough week.

But if you look in the comments of those matches and in other posts written since, you’ll find surprisingly little belly-aching or lamenting. No, the mood around these parts is generally pretty positive and up-beat; assessments of our recent performances have been critical but generally optimistic. It feels like the folks around here sense a general upward trend in quality of play, if not always in results, under Emery. Things are getting better!

And then there’s been some relatively positive bits to soften the blow of the on-field results: first of all, that Kondogbia’s 4-match, so-big-it-had-to-be-served-in-La-Liga suspension had been reduced to 2, meaning that we wouldn’t miss him for any of these absolutely crucial next three matches. And! I came across what I assume is a correct clarification regarding who goes to Europa next year. (Long story short: if RM and Atleti both qualify for CL and Malaga finishes in top 7 (both seem very likely), the last Europa spot goes to 8th place). So all of the sudden, despite the recent losses, Sevilla is 4 spots and 6 points out of a likely Europa spot. And we have 9 very winnable points coming up! VAMOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

So it’s with that mood that we look to Monday’s visit from Celta. Not to end this on a down note, but I suspect if we don’t get all three points from this match, that general spirit of “we’re not winning, but we’re playing great!” won’t be quite as pronounced in the comments section. So, Emery and co, please do us all a favor and win us some points, ok?

Oh and also please don’t play Reyes. Thanks.