Sevilla – Betis Match Comments

For a variety of reasons, it’d be nice to be indifferent to today’s game. For one thing, Sevilla has a game that has a much larger bearing on whether or not this season leads to actual hardware in a few days; it’d be great to be able to say “eh, the result of this game won’t really impact how I feel about this season”. For another, Sevilla hasn’t been playing particularly well, especially in La Liga, for several weeks. So just from the standpoint of not being too emotionally invested in a thing that feels like it might end in failure, that’d be nice.

But this is Betis. This is one of the fiercest rivalries in Europe. This is pride, this is bragging rights, this is what will matter in pubs around Sevilla during the long summer. This…matters.

And it’s home, which is good for a number of reasons we have basically spent the last 8 or so months cataloguing. So if we don’t need to win, we should win, and we’ll want to win, and we really should win. How that balances with the need to also do well on Thursday, with things like the health and fatigue of our best players, and the weighing of cups vs local rivalries, is a question for folks like friend of the blog (editor’s note, we’re just always going to refer to him as “friend of the blog” from now on) Unai Emery, and of course for the wise and intelligent commentariat to sort out. So, have at it, and Vamos! For Sevilla, for the city, and for pride.