Sevilla – Betis Match Comments

via eldesmarque

After an extended breakt that I hope you’ll agree wasn’t so terrible, we have arrived at this wondrous day: the day of the Betis derby. If your favorite thing about this game is the glamor and money, you probably prefer a different rivalry match, but for the game itself, for the play on the field and for the odio outside it, this is the true clásico.

We’re just a few hours from kickoff of a game that will either leave us ecstatic or devastated, although with memories of last year firmly in my brain, I’m feeling somewhat optimistic today. (Only somewhat, mind you–I spent most of last year’s game, even at 3–0, concerned we were about to somehow throw it all away. I suppose I’ll feel that way today as well if it comes to that). While Sevilla has rarely looked the convincing side that played Pepe Mel’s men off the pitch last year, Betis is having a year that makes Emery look like a genius, clearly missing Beñat as they reside in last place with 9 points and a –12 goal differential, and still without an away win in La Liga (we can laugh at other teams for that now, right?). Plus, as I write this our Sevillistas in Manchester are having a day to remember, as Navas scored in the first minute, and Negredo just put in his second of the day at 55’ against Tottenham. THIS MUST BE A SIGN, RIGHT?!?

Once again I’ll leave talk of tactics and XI’s to you guys…what do you think? Do we go on the attack against a clearly hurting team? Should we play with Reyes again since he had such a great game here last year? How many goals will Crackitic (see what I did there) score? Will our defense be embarrassingly terrible, or merely bad? And finally, will we win?!? WE WILL WIN.