Sevilla – Betis Europa League Match Comments

I’m not generally a pessimist in life, but it seems like every time Sevilla enjoys a good winning streak, every game feels more like the moment where they improbably lose it than an opportunity than an opportunity to take advantage of good form and momentum. And at this moment our heroes are carrying a few impressive streaks: 6 straight unbeaten, 4 consecutive wins, and…I can’t remember exactly, but it feels like basically an eternity since we played Betis and didn’t humiliated them, doesn’t it? I can’t remember the last time (I really can’t, and I’m not looking it up because maybe I’m remembering this wrong but I’m pretty sure we keep beating them like 12–0 or something). Anyway, the point is, I’m nervous about this game. Maybe it’s the past several years of Sevilla consistently playing inconsistently, always finding the opportune moment to stab my heart with sadness and regret for ever believing. Maybe it’s the sense that Betis is in a place where every week could have been rock bottom, and maybe they’re ready to score an improbable, morale-boosting win against an eternal rival? Like I said, I’m not usually like this, but I think being a Sevilla fan has given me some kind of PTSD. Somehow wouldn’t a loss to a Betis team this crappy, with the stakes this high hurt more than basically anything?

But what am I saying? Our team hasn’t just been getting good results lately, they’ve been looking very promising, playing well, creating great chances, and even finishing some of them. And Betis has spent basically the entire year looking like the dog shit a dog would shit after eating 20 gallons of saag paneer. (Sorry, that was a bit harsh. I apologize if I offended any fans of saag paneer–I assure that I enjoy the dish very much.) Rakitic got a rest this weekend, and then came on and made the kind of pinpoint passes the team would be lost without, as if to say “yeah, I’m going to do this on Thursday”. Bacca’s scoring. Gameiro’s scoring. Defenders are defending in not-totally-incompetent-fashion. The team isn’t farting away late leads like it’s so much saag paneer (again–I apologize, saag lovers).

Obviously, this is where I invite you, wise and insightful reader, to fill the comments with speculation about lineups, formations, key players, and information about injuries that I haven’t included in the actual post because I had to make room for all my blathering. Get to it, and duh, VAMOOOOOOOOOOOS.