Sevilla – Barcelona Match Comments

So far this season my watching record in all competitions has been: missed SuperCup (working), missed 0–0 draw with Malaga (working), saw Atleti beat Sevilla to crap, missed underwhelming away draw with Levante (working), missed CL win (working), slept through Sevilla losing at home in the 5 am (local time) game with Celta, missed Las Palmas loss (grandma’s funeral), and then missed what sounds like a pretty tepid performance at Juventus in the CL (working). I guess I’m not sure how I feel about that? On the one hand, it’s sort of frustrating to miss out on so much early season action when the team underwent such interesting off-season changes. On the other hand…I mean. you guys in the comments aren’t giving me the impression I’ve missed out on too much the last month or two.

But this brings us to this weekend, which boasts a game on a weekend that is not at 5 am. A game I can watch! And, you know, Sevilla and Barca have been putting on some real barn burners in their recent matches, so it should be at least a lot of fun for neutrals. They are very exciting games! And Sevilla fans have gotten actually pretty good at feeling not-terrible about results that are often worth 0 points (or cups), so maybe there’s a good “triumph of the human spirit” documentary angle in there somewhere. I guess I’m excited? Yes! Here comes the moment when we turn it all around!

Of course given Sevilla’s shitty performances and results thus far, no one dressing in rojiblanco tomorrow would be feeling anything but fear about a rematch of this year’s SuperCup (probably the team’s best performance this year (I’m going on your comments here), and…we lost) if it weren’t for Barca’s impressive ability to put out a comparably lengthy (and talented) list of injured players as Sevilla’s. Messi, Iniesta, Vermaelen, Rafinha…it’s an impressive group. And just when it seemed like things couldn’t get worse for Barcelona, Pique managed to make it through another game this year without getting injured or banned, so I guess they’ll have to play him. (Again, though–definite win for the neutral, as Pique’s usually good for one guffaw per game. That guy’s a regular human blooper highlight reel.)

Any other time, any other form than what Sevilla’s been suffering through, and with Barca in the state they’re in, I’d pick Sevilla as the favorite. As things are, though? 100% of the games (game) I’ve seen this year ended 3–0, and I’ll admit I’m not feeling optimistic about a much better result on Saturday.

Now you guys (who’ve actually seen the team play!) tell me why I’m wrong. (Or completely avoid commenting on anything I’ve written and get right to guessing the lineup! Vamos!)