Sevilla – Atlético Match Comments

Today’s “no seriously, if we don’t win THIS one it’s all over” panic time match is ALSO a preview for our best shot at hardware this year. It’s also a very tricky match against a team that’s been incredibly bad in La Liga (where they have relatively little to play for) but has also advanced to the Europa final on the strength of some impressive displays.

After last week’s debacle, we proved we are capable of both sleep-walking through long stretches of matches and playing frustratingly insipid football, but also of deadly finishing and an ability to stay in games we should be losing. Unfortunately we DID ultimately lose and have put ourselves in an even tighter situation as time continues to run out on our season.

We have what it takes to win this game, but without question, so does Atleti. Here’s hoping the good guys pull it out. OR that we at least play like we care what happens. I’ll take that, too.