Sevilla – Atletico Match Comments

In the last week Sevilla won their first La Liga away win since roughly the death of Franco, and grabbed all three points in an away Champions League game, so…yeah, they’re riding pretty high right now. Today they host Atlético Madrid, one point ahead of them in the table and one of La Liga’s strongest sides over the last few years.

I haven’t seen Atleti play much this year (mostly because I’ve seen them before and it’s a really awful experience), but on Twitter I’ve seen several writers say they’re not as dull as they used to be. At the same time, though, these are the writers who were so happy to see a break in the duopoly that I never really heard them acknowledge how awful Atleti could be to watch over the last few years. But it appears to be somewhat true! While 1–0 is still their most common scoreline this year, they’ve also had a few blowout victories. I suppose that doesn’t matter much today because they’ve always found a way to beat Sevilla by two or three, sigh.

But maybe things will be different today! Who knows what Sevilla, Winner of Away Matches might be capable of! Vamos!