Sevilla – Atletico Match Comments

In the last week Sevilla won their first La Liga away win since roughly the death of Franco, and grabbed all three points in an away Champions League game, so…yeah, they’re riding pretty high right now. Today they host Atlético Madrid, one point ahead of them in the table and one of La Liga’s strongest sides over the last few years.

I haven’t seen Atleti play much this year (mostly because I’ve seen them before and it’s a really awful experience), but on Twitter I’ve seen several writers say they’re not as dull as they used to be. At the same time, though, these are the writers who were so happy to see a break in the duopoly that I never really heard them acknowledge how awful Atleti could be to watch over the last few years. But it appears to be somewhat true! While 1–0 is still their most common scoreline this year, they’ve also had a few blowout victories. I suppose that doesn’t matter much today because they’ve always found a way to beat Sevilla by two or three, sigh.

But maybe things will be different today! Who knows what Sevilla, Winner of Away Matches might be capable of! Vamos!

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  1. 5-3-2 (or something similar to it) today, which means we’re either gonna scrape out a 0-0 draw or Gabi is gonna score a couple from 25 yards out and we’ll lose.


  2. Hmm… taking it easy with only 1 striker up front. I wished it would be Ben Yedder, but it seems that, after all those rusty moments, he still trusts Vietto more than the clinical finisher, Ben Yedder. A bit weird at first, but when you think that Argentinians are known for nepotism in every sphere of life, then it all makes sense.

    The defense looks quite packed, and I doubt Atletico will have it easy to enter the box and score. We have 3 warriors in the box, Rami-Pareja-Mercado and these 3 make Carrico’s absence less painful. Hopefully Escudero and Mariano will assist the attacking part and not turn this into a typical defensive 5-3-2 formation. But as jolazo said, this will most likely be a draw, not sure if a goalless one but it smells as a draw from far away.

    We need to be careful from the set-pieces as Atletico flourishes in them… but I’m sure that Sampaoli got this covered in the pre-match tactics approach.

    3 points would be GOLDEN, and similar 3 points that we would get vs. Barca or RM, simply because we are dealing with a team that has won La Liga and participated in 2 CL finals in the last 2 years. However, every Sevillista will also be satisfied with a draw. Hopefully we won’t have any injuries or red cards in this match.


  3. Same lineup that was used midweek. Vietto has been decent when involved in buildup play. It was interesting seeing Vitolo play a bit more centrally, but he’ll likely drift wide a few times. Hoping for a big game from Vázquez.

    It will be a bit scary seeing Gameiro use his blistering speed against our CBs. Atletico scored 7 last week without him or Griezmann scoring. I’m sure they’ll be feeling a bit peckish today.

    Such a big game this. It’s the exact rival we need to beat to see if we belong in the conversation. Word to Shendm, 3 points will indeed be golden.

    ¡Vamos muchachos!

  4. Nzonzi and Escudero excellent in the first half. Mudo has been the weak link so far. Wish Kiyotake was on the bench, as he’s the obvious replacement, so I guess Sarabia then becomes the best option.

    What is the ref doing? Let’s tons of fouls go, then in the last 10 minutes decides to book every foul.

  5. Scandalous refereeing. Referees like these need to be jobless and homeless, pathetic motherfucker!

    We are totally dominating Atletico and hopefully the goal will come in the second half. Though we didn’t have any 100% chance and ironically Atletico had one with Correa (stupid miss), we are outplaying them in every way of football.

    Atletico came here for a draw and the way this match is going, it may well end goalless.

    Hopefully nothing is wrong with Nasri as he has not been running how he used to lately, though still great with the ball and passing, but I think I saw him do some gestures toward Sampaoli like ‘sub me’ or something similar. Hopefully he will be ok to continue in the second half. But then again, Sarabia might do well if subbed in for Nasri.

    Possession 64-36 for us…. yay baby!

  6. Glad we’re getting possession in the opponent’s half, and being patient with our play. Not too many chances created, granted that we’re facing a resolute defence. I agree with Jolazo, Escudero’s been great so far. He’s being used as a 3rd man in middle and making himself a dangerous option down the flank as well.

    I’m sure we’ll see Sarabia feature at some point; i’m not a fan of Mudo cutting in from the right. Also Vietto needs a partner out there. He’s already admitted he does better with one.


  8. No words to describe this…. simply… perfect!

    3 golden points and moving on…. challenging La Liga title?


  9. Wow what a performance from Sevilla! Against a very top European force in atletico are Sevilla joining the big 3, and could it become a quartet. Sevilla going strong in la Liga and champions league. Currently 1st, could end the weekend games top for first time since March 2007 if Real Madrid slip up to athletic Bilbao. Wow! Could be a 4 horse race for la lig crown!

  10. Damn…. when I look at N’Zonzi’s goal again, I really couldn’t believe that he would make that fast sprint from the middle of the pitch up to Atleti’s box…. kudos to N’Zonzi….. he really stepped up his game this season by a lot. It will be a pity if France NT doesn’t call him up soon, a real shame.

    N’Zonzi has been crucial to our midfield for a long time now… I just wish we had a proper replacement and it cannot be safely said that Iborra is the one. I think we still need to get a DM in January if we want to challenge for the title and go farther in CL. We can’t rely on only 1 man for our entire defensive part of the midfield… it’s just too risky, and not to mention that Kranevitter is not even being called up anymore.

    1. i agree… only saw the last ten of this match, but he’s been incredible. this season: nzonzi, escudero, and mariano have really emerged as critical pieces on this team.

      the possibility of losing any of them over january would be unsettling and getting some reinforcements would be great as insurance.

      i was also amazed by his speed getting forward on that. he ran the full length of the pitch. just fantastic.

  11. Fantastic performance and very exciting times for Sevilla fans! If Sevilla can become more consistent away from home, they have a chance to stay in title hunt with big 3 and go far in champions league.

  12. What a win! I came home to just watch Nzonzi score (and what a goal from the man!). Wins like these a crucial! We knew it wouldn’t be a match with lots of goals, but rather a real fight. I didn’t see any Atletico-chances apart from set-pieces, so I guess Sampaolis plan worked perfectly with a compact back-three consisting of Mercado-Rami-Pareja (ouch, by the way…) and then telling Nzonzi to be a boss in midfield. It looked like it had rained a lot, so I guess that was perfect weather for Atletico-football, but we came out on top.

    Well done, lads!

  13. amazing victory. looking forward to seeing more highlights later. what a massive 3 points. goal from nzonzi is just amazing. his play in our own half to start the entire counter was fantastic.

    and btw. how do we still not have shirt sponsors?!?!

  14. I must salute to Sampaoli, he really got some magic in his bag.

    We know already our tactic against mid-low team is lots of safe possession to enhance the defense, and some luck in front

    But this match is truly amazing even if it ends with 0-0. It’s totally different from the 0-0 last season that Emery got with 9-0-1 formation. It’s possession game, incredibly smooth passing game, and attacking football.

    Nasri plays like Zidane today, and N’Zonzi like Busquets + Yaya toure

  15. id also add that the substitutions were a little weird. i cant criticize sampaoli after getting 3 points v. atleti, but why did he wait so long to make subs. seems like mudo could’ve come off 10-15 minutes earlier. or vietto even, just to get some fresh legs.

    i, like some others, am a bit troubled by kiyotake looking like our best player for the first couple matches and now not even making the team list.

    they’ll at least have a full week to rest before playing gijon. will be interesting to see what squad selection looks like then with the second dinamo match in the mid-week fixture following.

    1. I’m reminded of something I read that Sampaoli said once re: subs

      “They are not an obligation but a solution”.

      If you don’t need to make them, don’t unless they will solve a problem. I think he would say we were playing the way we wanted to and did not need to sub. Others might disagree, but I like the philosophy in general..

      1. It’s interesting indeed. I’ve never seen a Sevilla match where the coach didn’t use all the 3 subs. It happened last match vs. Dinamo in CL and now vs. Atletico too. Sampaoli did the same with Chile also in quite some matches.

        However, as much as I also like the philosophy, I fear the risk of extreme exhaustion of certain players and the risk of injuries because of the heavy load.

        Mudo plays a lot, but when I see his face after 60 minutes, I’m thinking he’s about to die right there in the pitch. Quite worrying, but as Escudero said, the players are still in the process of instilling Sampaoli’s ambition, which is nothing less than: Be in the top of La Liga table, reach CDR final and go as far as possible in CL. We’ve rarely had such objectives with Emery and others.

        Hopefully this battle continues and we experience the best Sevilla in history.

    2. really interesting quote aaron. im inclined to agree with shendm though. there’s times when the team just seems exhausted. and when we are playing to protect a lead, fresh legs just would’ve made a lot of sense, to cover more of the pitch and to preserve peoples’ fitness for later.

      but again, i cant complain with these results. so i’ll shut my mouth for now and just be ecstatic with how things are going so far.

    1. Very very well, especially in the defensive part. He is playing 2 different roles in Sevilla and Spain NT. In Sevilla he’s playing as a winger/midfielder/fullback all at the same time, while in Spain NT, almost strictly a winger. He said earlier that he’s content with the role at Sevilla so it’s alright.

      The only thing I’m worried about Vitolo is that he faked too many penalties so far, and now referees are considering everything he does in the box as a dive… a prejudgement that could cost us in certain moments. Today he was clearly fouled by Atleti’s defender in the box (though a soft foul, but there was contact), however, the referee didn’t call for a penalty.

      1. Totally agree about the ref and Vitollo.
        The ref wasn’t calling very rough fouls and then would book players for not so rough fouls.
        And then he started giving out tons of yellows…seemed really inconsistent.

        Regarding Vitollo, I love the guy but I do think that he has dove one too many time in the box and like ShendM said, it could cost us in the future. I hope it never happens and that he keeps to playing good football as he has this season!

        Great win tonight!!
        Vamois mi Sevilla!!

  16. Not related to tonights game…but a question regarding La Liga rules.

    Did anyone see the goals that were disallowed for City and Juventus?
    It seemed like both goals were disallowed after the players talked with the ref. (Regarding a player who didn’t touch the ball, but were in an offside positions.)

    Did anyone see Messi’s goal against Valencia, where Suarez was clearly in an offside position?
    Diego Alves got a yellow for trying to argue with the ref.
    Maybe he said some nasty things because he was mad, but it didn’t seem too different from the Milan players arguing with the ref.

    Do you guys know if it’s a difference in rules regarding disallowing goals in La Liga?

    1. Not very sure about it. I think in overall it’s a 5 meter rule for the same-team player standing in front of the goal keeper… and Suarez was even closer, so it should’ve been a disallowed goal. Anyway, in La Liga the phenomenon of Barca, RM, and now even Atletico lately getting a lot of help from the referees is continuing, and the worst part is that there is no sign of stopping of this crap.

  17. ESPN titled it’s article “Sevilla shock Atletico to go top”. Does their editorial staff not find it relatively contradictory to put out there that it is a shock that a top team beat another top team, especially at home?

    1. Lol… exactly. It’s like Granada beat them and not Sevilla. I think people in overall, and especially La Liga fans are having it hard to comprehend the fact that Sevilla is doing very well in the league. They’ve been used to Emery (being a good cup manager, but sucking in the league), but now Sampaoli doesn’t want to leave anything to chance or get surprised.

      Emery has never done anything beside 3rd place with Valencia, and he had top players like David Villa and David Silva… Juan Mata etc.

      Just look at his performances with PSG. Every other PSG manager were winning Ligue 1 comfortably, even as early as late March. Emery will have to work hard to win it now after losing a lot of points. He’s simply not cut out to do great in leagues. The best performance with Sevilla in the league was in 2014-15, where we achieved the most points in history of the club. However, if we win the next match vs. Sporting Gijon under Sampaoli, it will be the best start in history for Sevilla, with 23 points from 10 matches. Let’s see how it goes and if we can keep this perfect rhythm for long.

  18. not sure ultimately what to hope for with RM v bilbao. kind of depends on whether we want to dream big with la liga or be 4th place chasing pragmatists (im usually more of the latter).

    but bilbao battling right now 1-1. would be a fantastic result for them. they’re tough. i could be ok with a tie 🙂

  19. Hey all,

    I was at the match today, so maybe I can give you a breakdown of some of the (non) talking points of the game:

    1. The atmosphere – dampened by the weather (no pun intended) the weather definitely reduced the enthusiasm of the crowd (Seville in general too). I didn’t realise the extent of the animosity towards Atlético till the game started.

    2. Gameiro – It felt like a 60/40 split of the crowd not favouring his appearance in a blue shirt.

    3. Vitolo – His penalty appeal looked genuine, but as previously said, maybe his previous behaviour has led to some scepticism among the officials.

    4. Sampaoli – We were quite surprised by the length of time it took for him to make a substitution. Some of the players looked dead on their feet, yet Sampaoli seemed to be determined to see the game out with the same 11. Was he worried about disrupting the shape/style of the play?

    5 – Overall performance – I don’t think we would deny Sevilla the 3 points. Certainly with N’Zonzi’s M’bia-esque stroll through midfield & cool finish. Vitolo’s (almost certain) penalty appeal & Nasri’s deflection off the post I think it’s safe to say the last laugh lay with Sevilla.


  20. Have you dried out yet Jeevan?
    I too was at the game and left very happy but soaked to the skin.
    Must admit I feared the worst for the first ten minutes or so. Gameiro and Griezmann were tearing us apart, Rico looked quite shaky and we were giving away the ball too many times. But we soon settled down and started passing with more accuracy, got forward and looked the better team.

    I agree the atmosphere was not as good as usual due to the weather, even the himno was quiet today.
    I was a little surprised at the animosity and real hatred shown towards Gameiro (it was almost 100% around where I was sitting)
    I can’t comment on the penalty appeal as I didn’t see it due to some **** in front of me & his ******* umbrella
    I think we were all wondering when Sampaoli was going to make a change (never known him take that long before)
    Overall thought we deserved the three points.

    A special mention to the Atletico fans who stood bare chested and made some noise throughout the game. (maybe they were keeping their shirts dry for the journey home)

    Another three points next week, then bring on Barca. It’s going to be a great season.

    Oh, and by the way simione, the bright orange sneakers were not a good look.

  21. Great match! Sevilla back mixing it with the best! Atletico will bounce back. Good to see la liga is more than just 2 teams these days!

  22. Hopefully we can maintain consistency away from home too. Our home form is perfect.

    Big game at sporting gijon next Saturday. If we serious at staying up there with big boys we must go there and win:) exciting time to be a Sevilla fan, best I seen them arguably since the Juande Ramos era.

  23. Hey Brian,

    Yeah we were up in the gods in the preferencia, so thankfully we stayed dry (during the game anyways). The last time it rained, while I was at the RSP, was vs Barça & we got soaked through. I remember missing a few points of contention during that game due to the sea of umbrellas in front of us.

    Simeone’s skinny tracksuit trousers & the bright trainers was quite a look!

    I though Iborra’s introduction into the game gave them a bit of a no-nonsense approach to allow them to hold on for the 3 points.

  24. Hi all, I agree with Mark L, arguably the best team since the Juande era!

    Anyhow its a great win and even better to see us top of the league.

    What can this team achieve this year?

  25. Well well…(always watching but no time to wrtite often).Can i only ask?O.K :

    – Still no one have answer:Has Steven N’Zonzi a twin brother?They used to play together as kids?
    -Is Steven the best DM we have from years?
    -Where is Cholo’s I.D.? Someone stole it,please contact the nearest police station.
    -Jorge Sampaoli.Winner or Crazy?Or both?
    -Nasri.What was the name of last year’s AM?Bane…something?
    -Did anyone felt fear as long Gameiro was striker in the game?
    -Did we catch Atletico’s defense sleeping and score?Again:Did we catch Atletico’s defense sleeping and score?
    -Is this year same as 2006-2007?(and it’s 2016-2017!!!)
    -Can we win La Liga or C.L?

  26. It’s amazing how this could turn out similar to 2006/2007 season. Where we fought for the title. Let’s hope for the same. If we start improving away and get more consistent then we got a chance of title and can stay in title race.

    If we can beat gijon next week and also Barca at home or avoid defeat were are serious contenders. Huge games coming up against teams at opposite ends of table.

  27. Nice result…very nice result. Sevilla is for real this season.
    What is happening to Kiyotake? Give that man a game!

    1. hell yes. id love to have vidal back.

      im not sure what we’d have to do to free that roster spot… but if anything happened to mariano right now we’d be screwed.

      maybe we could move kolo somewhere and bring in vidal. im less down on kolo than most, but with pareja recovered, mercado and rami clear first team choices, carrico in the mix and iborra able to fill in in emergency, we could definitely move him. and diego gonzalez available too.

      would further crowd our midfield though… but, whatever. i like vidal. bring him back!

  28. I must say I love Sampaoli’s passion. He is so driven and kicks every ball. He is a great fit for Sevilla. Jorge has us playing with high intensity and there is great balance to the team at the moment!

  29. Interesting that Emery also tried taking Rami in the pre season but he decided to stay.

    Nzonzi in contract renewal talks and seems more than keen to stay.

    Vitolo saying money cant buy how loved he feels at Sevilla and how well Sampaolis system is working for the team as a team.

    Everything falling into place it seems

  30. I’m watching the Manchester United vs. Manchester City game in that weird cup and Navas is playing on the right wing. I think it’s funny to see how on one hand he wouldn’t really fit into Sampaoli’s possession-style, but on the other hand he would fit perfectly into Sampaoli’s possession-style.
    He is constantly looking for attacking options. Nearly everytime he gets the ball at his feet he is looking for an opportunity to go forward and create some danger. A classic, attacking, direct winger! I don’t think he is fit for Pep’s possession-football and therefor neither for Sampaoli’s, but on the other hand he would be an absolutely awesome substitute. In those dull matches we have seen so far this season (and there have been a few) where we couldn’t really create anything in terms of chances, how awesome would it be to bring on Navas? His speed and constant running with/without the ball would be a real terror for an already tired defence. In my opinion he could really play an important part in this team (Aleix Vidal also..!)

    Just a random thought…

    1. Agreed that he would fit in nicely as a sub and as an alternative approach to the attack.

      Sampaoli doesn’t like the types of winger as Navas, rather he plays with wingers that also contribute A LOT to the defense, but Navas is not that bad in chasing opposition players down the flank when they have the ball either.

      Definitely a worthy sub… but will he come back anytime soon? He’ll turn 31 this Novemeber and then he would really have merely 2 to max 3 (I highly doubt it) years left in him to perform in top flight, considering his style.

  31. with two goals at half time, ciro immobile now has 8 goals in 10 games for lazio (in the serie A!!).

    who would rather have him on his actual contract than vietto on loan?

    this isn’t really a knock on vietto who i think has been mostly ok (but not great), but more a continued belief that emery chased some good players out of town that deserved a better chance. (in related news iago aspas has 4 goals in 8 games).

    1. He’s on fire at Lazio… but I’d still take Ben Yedder or Vietto over him. One strong reason would be his character (similar to Aspas).

    2. yeah… i understand that view. but i also had some sympathy for both of them in that they truly deserved more playing time and their frustration was about wanting to play an wanting to win… it wasn’t like someone who doesn’t try on the pitch etc.

      but its true that his frustration was disruptive. so im torn.

      id still probably rather have him than vietto though… although thats also partially because of vietto’s loan deal and i just hate loan deals on principle.

      1. I’d favor Ben Yedder over Vietto all the time… however, the match vs. Atletico taught us something about Vietto, that not a lot of strikers can do nowadays… playing well outside the box. Vietto made 2 assists in a row, that nice cross to Mudo and that decent long pass to N’Zonzi (though more props to N’Zonzi for that fantastic run).

        Ben Yedder, Immobile, Aspas etc. are players suited more towards being strictly box players. I highly doubt they would be able to make crosses and assists like Vietto, so now I have to admit that Sampaoli made the right choice when favoring Vietto over Ben Yedder vs. Atletico.

        Though if Vietto would’ve been a clinical finisher like these 3, or any other typical box-striker with a decent finish, he would be a world class player…. but he isn’t because of that, however, fitting nicely so far in the system and I’m starting to like Vietto, although he could’ve cost us a lot with those stupid misses (including a PK) vs. Lyon. Let’s forgive him for the time being.

        Hopefully we’ll sign another striker in January or at least promote one from Sevilla B. They’re doing pretty well down in Segunda and it would be nice to have a striker of theirs….. Ivi? Carrillo? Not sure if they’re up for business in 3 fronts with the first team though.

        As for the loans, they’re disgusting, especially the ones that we don’t have a purchasing option. I read something about Vietto’s deal and supposedly Atletico can have him back for 3 million even if Sevilla exercises the buying option (because of Atletico’s transfer ban). That would be quite crazy if there was such a clause in the contract and we overlooked it. Of course Atletico will sign him for 3 million and even if it means him staying in the bench all season… they will not be able to sign or loan anyone for 2 upcoming transfer windows (till January 2018).

      2. really interesting thoughts shendm. makes sense to me. i think my stated preference for immobile over vietto wasnt actually about performance as much as the loan situation. although having someone on our squad who can finish at the rate he is doing for lazio right now would be huge for us. im not dissatisfied with ben yedder and vietto per se. they’re both young and have room for improvement. i hope we’ll see more of that improvement as the season goes on.

  32. On a separate note I see that Athletic Club have blasted Atletico Madrid for “stealing” their name, colours and badge.

  33. A poll in ElDesMarque for the question:

    Do you see Sevilla fighting for the league?

    64.4% YES

    35.6% NO

    A lot of people believe that we can do it… but it will be very hard, if not extremely hard.

    Barca are surely dropping points more often than they dropped in previous season, and the same goes with Atletico, plus that we’ve beaten them now. Honestly, I think we can have a chance beating RM but it will be almost impossible beating Barca, especially with Messi in their lineup.

    What do you guys think? Is it too early to think of challenging the title?

    Our remaining La Liga matches before the winter ‘break’:

    Sporting Gijon (A)
    Barca (H)
    Deportivo (A)
    Valencia (H)
    Granada (A)
    Celta Vigo (A)
    Malaga (H)

    2 tough away matches (Depor, Celta) and 3 home derbies (Barca, Valencia, Malaga).

    If we can get around 16-18 points in the above 7 matches, I’d say we could be up there in the top 3 and why not challenge for the title coming January?

    1. its a tantalizing dream but…. at this point i havent seen enough. we’ve had uneven performances which is totally reasonable considering the manager and squad turnover. our goal differential suggests we aren’t dominating in any way like the “top” three and i assume over the course of the season that will lead to them passing us and our focusing our fight on the race for fourth.

      but lets see how the next few weeks go and if this team starts playing with a bit more consistency, starts putting away teams we’re better than, and continuing to battle with our equals/superiors. it’ll be exciting.

    2. Sevilla were in this same place at Match day 9 in the 14-15 season and ended up 5th. I can’t imagine we will keep this up all season. IMO we are one injury to N’Zonzi away from disaster.

      1. That Bilbao loss away still hurts…. but I’m glad that we outplayed and beat Atletico… and held Villarreal to a draw away. So we are taking the top teams seriously. In the 2014-15 season, Emery kind of surrendered to all the top teams and focused to the medium and small teams, hence the great away record in that season.

        I just hope that we can continue with this game style… and if everyone will be fit and in form… you never know with this team!

  34. Still no Kyotake in the squad.

    The 18 players named for the game v Sporting are.

    Sergio Rico, Sirigu, Mariano, Kolo, Carriço, Rami, Mercado, Kranevitter, Iborra, Nsonzi, Ganso, Correa, Vitolo, Franco Vázquez, Pablo Sarabia, Nasri, Ben Yedder y Vietto.

    1. Damn…. there must be something really wrong in the relationship Sampaoli-Kiyotake… and I can’t think of a logical reason why that would be so.

      Did Kiyotake say something to Sampaoli? Did Sampaoli just ditch Kiyotake altogether after that weak performance way back vs. Eibar away?

      Very very frustrating not to see Kiyotake in the call up list.

  35. Line Up

    Rico, carrico, rami, mercado, mariano, vitolo, nzonzi, nasri, vazquez, yedder, vietto

    Going all out for the win again!