Sevilla – Atletico Match Comments

Is there a team outside the city of Sevilla that as loathed as Atletico? After the big two, there wasn’t much debate as to who the most decorated and successful team in Spain was for most of the 00’s—Sevilla was pretty consistently great, won trophies, and had world class players all over the pitch. But just as Sevilla began to see an end to their cycle, Atleti experienced a pretty significant uptick. Sure, they’ve had to employ all sorts of basically illegal money wrangling and insane debt to get there and attempt to maintain it, but there’s no denying the quality of their players, their squad, and the season they’ve put together this year. So they’re a worthy foe, even if they do have a confirmed asshat on their team.

So it should be a good game, a game Sevilla probably needs more than Atleti does (a win for Sevilla ties them on points for 8th, any result for Atletico leaves them just as unlikely to catch 2nd or fall to 4th). Here’s hoping the good guys come away with a win.

Vamos, am I right?