Sevilla @ Atletico Madrid: Match Comments

The horrible taste of the Leicester defeat hasn’t gone away. It’s hard to be optimistic about a visit to the Vicente Calderon today. This could be a turning point in the season, not only with Atleti closing in on 3rd place, but also to see how this team responds to such a devastating loss. It’s been a few years since the only thing we had to focus on for the last 2.5 months of the season is league position.

Sampaoli is going back to the 3 CB formation. Nasri remains in the starting lineup. I really hope the captains set him straight after his disgraceful performance on Tuesday. We need Nzonzi to boss the match like he did when we last played them. Pareja not starting is questionable.


Meanwhile, Atleti has returned to their aesthetically-pleasing strategy of grinding out 85 minutes of boring scoreless games before Griezmann bails them out with a late goal or they bungle home a set piece in stoppage time. Gameiro starts for them. He has less goals than Ben Yedder this year. Hopefully that continues.

Oblak – Vrsaljko-Godin-Savic-Luis – Gabi-Koke-Saul-Carrasco – Gameiro-Griezmann



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  1. Pareja is injured, thus not even called up. So is Soria, who’s place is taken by Churripi of Sevilla Atletico, who didn’t feature last night in their match vs. Zaragoza away (won 1-2 at the extra time, great).

  2. Atletico are really average this year while Sevilla make me nervous playing out of defence, in other words, I’ve no idea who will win. But the betting is 6-1 against a Sevilla victory and it’s worth a bet

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  4. wow that was close. almost a pk. mmm… actually on replay, could’ve been a yellow for a dive… nice effort though.

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  6. hahah! great play by rami using his head while lying on the ground! not sure what the foul call was.

  7. fucking shit. we’d started looking a little better in the last 5 minutes, but they’ve been clearly better overall.

  8. We didn’t do bad! Just atletico playing very well right now. Nothing in the match but we gave a silly free kick away and no one picks up godin. He wasn’t gonna miss that! We still in the match but will be difficult to score here!

  9. Very intense match. A bit physical, but mostly cagey. We didn’t even have a chance to breathe for the better part of that first half. Not much of a surprise that we went a goal down to yet another set piece.

    Atlético at 1-0 is usually game over, but this year’s version has been different. Will be interesting to see how we line up in the 2nd half. Sampaoli’s usually trigger happy whenever we’re facing a deficit at HT.

    I think Sampa wanted to soak up as much pressure as possible in that first 20-30 minutes. There was so much switching around that it was hard to tell who was playing where. Escudero as a CM wasn’t too bad, but that meant Sarabia was stranded on the left only to get torched by Carrasco. Now that everyone reverted back to their natural positions, we finally enjoyed some possesion in Atlético’s half. But still no shots recorded on target. Another shocker.

  10. Its now 17-1 for a Sevilla win, are they crazy, Sevilla have come from behind to win 7 times this season, inluding real madrid.

    The free kick was the worst refereeing decision I have ever seen, although it was considered dangerous play to put your head close to someones boot I haven’t seen a ref implement that law since 1959

    1. That’s the reward Rami gets for literally risking his life putting the head for clearing the ball… too risky, yet the ref doesn’t imagine a player can do that and gives a handball… then the silly goal is conceded with Godin staying alone after Mercado’s poor marking…. how more pathetic can this be?

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  14. It has to be said… this team does not deserve CL football next season, or at least, does not deserve to be there directly in the group stages, have to fight through the play offs to deserve it.

    We have to be extremely satisfied that the current position that we have is a huge step towards the 4th place, which we still haven’t secured by the way as there’s a long way to go and at least 2 more guaranteed losses (RM, Barca) coming along.

    I’ve never seen a more clueless Sevilla. This is not what the fans deserve. The players are simply not giving their best and just jogging around the pitch for most of the time. Shameful!

  15. Sevilla always look much more solid with Iborra on the field. Nasri can go home, anytime soon will suit me. Correa and Jovetic are chaotic which causes a lot of chances but doesn’t constitute a methodical approach.

    Sergio Rico is another weakness especially with free kicks.

    But few teams could overcome such chopping and changing of systems and remain in the top 3, whatever Sampaoli’s system is, I can’t decypher it fully, bit it has merit.

  16. Another poor performance. Beaten by a better team who will defo be 3rd. We should get 4th but nothing is guaranteed with the way we look right now. On this form we will struggle to beat any team.

    How we needed this 2 week break to sort things out. We ran out of gas and there appears to be no plan B.

    We haven’t got the easiest of run ins either!

    However, I would have taken this at start if season. Our great 1st half to the season has us in this strong position but we seriously need to get back on track soon or we will give genuine hope to Villarreal or soceidad to maybe catch us.

  17. @Tim: What do you have against Rico? You keep insisting that he has a lot to learn. He’s actually been one of our more consistent performers. Can you really blame him for any of the 3 goals? Of course there’s his struggles with his distribution of the ball, but he’s saved our asses in pretty much every other department.

    If there was anything i wanted to take away from this game, it was how we performed. The game got more open with Jovetic’s entry & the 4-4-2 switch. But that left us exposed on the back end, and we could have conceded a few more.

    And if there’s one glimmer of hope, i’d like to see more plays like that Correa goal. It showed a lot of what he’s capable of. It was the same at the end of the Leicester game with that through pass to Vitolo. Perhaps he shines most when under pressure? Keep it going Tucu.

    1. I’d have to agree with that. Rico is definitely one of the best, if not the best performer in the team for many months now. Sure he has a lot to learn still, as he’s a talented youngster and the goalies usually have a career until late 30’s (sometimes even above 40’s if lucky). However, he has a very bright path into the future and this season he has been a victim of defensive experiments which most of the time let him down and he had to be forced into turning a hero for the team very often, or end up conceding silly goals, especially on set pieces, mostly because of poor marking from our defense.

      Rico saved us many points anyway, and we haven’t had a more solid goalie in years. Rico isn’t doing anything less than any of the goalies in La Liga and beyond, but not every goalie has to deal with experiments and poor marking, accompanied with minimal defensive efforts at times, something that Atletico never does for instance.

  18. This 3-4-3 Barça is playing is so disastrous. Valencia’s getting numerous chances to score — even with 10 men — but they’re so poor at finishing them. It’d be incensed if we were still chasing the title. But what more should i be expecting from El Che these days anyway…

  19. So guys, I’m trying to start a podcast for us. To start off, it won’t be the customary conversational podcast that we normally hear. I want to make this a speaker’s corner, where you get to call a number and leave a voicemail on whatever the topic happens to be. If anyone is interested, email mmspeakerspod@gmail.com, and I’ll send you the number so you can call in. I’ll then arrange all the POV’s & rants that come in, so we can have a sort of collective summary of what happened.

    This won’t be my pod, it’ll be OUR pod. So it’ll be open to changes in format, hosts and whatever, as we go along. Btw, I didn’t ask anybody’s permission on this. So admin(s), is this thing cool with you?

    1. I’ve asked Chris about the pod a couple of weeks ago and there is a common interest in all of us to start this thing, it only takes initiative from someone.

      Let this be a start Edinho. I would definitely like to be a part of it in every possible format. If you can explain this speaker’s corner thing a bit more it would be quite helpful. Would it be kind of like a discussion with audio entries from anyone that wants to participate on a given topic? We can also do a gathering on Skype or wherever it is more convenient for such discussions.

      Even though English is not my native language, having studied in an American University helped me a lot in that regard so with time I would become more and more comfortable as 2 years have passed by since studies so I might be a bit rusty at the start.

      We can start this with a few people then expand and do it a weekly or bi-weekly tribute. I’m in for anything that concerns the podcast and let me know if I can help in any way.

      1. {Sorry for the late reply, I thought it went thru the WordPress app I was using. Guess not.}

        Don’t worry about your English Shend. Even better if you have an accent, as it’ll show how diverse we are.

        The speaker’s corner will be a compilation of opinions. It won’t be a back & forth kinda thing, but essentially just voicemail recordings. Imagine Monchi having a voicemail box and people leaving messages on it. I was thinking/working on the setup this past week so that I can have something up in the next few days.

        However, it can develop into a discussion down the road though. I figured this format would be best to start with since it’d be a bit hard to coordinate times.

      2. Sounds good man. Let’s say I would send a voice recording for a certain topic, what was the thing about the voicemail? Can’t I just send it as an audio file directly in that email…. or the phone number that you will provide also accepts calls and voicemails from international numbers (non-US)?

      3. Yea, if you can email the audio file yourself it’s even better. I’m not quite sure how the number works for those outside North America, cause it is a Toronto #, but it’s a free internet phone line. I was gonna reply to anyone emailing what the topic was for the upcoming episode & the number at which to leave the voicemail. I’ll just go ahead and post the topics here…

        We’ll keep this first episode simple and have it be about the recent result against Atlético — whatever your opinions are on the game itself (tactics, selections, etc.) and what it means for the rest of our season. On that, you may include what our objectives should be going forward. In regards to the length of the audio, I was thinking between 3-5 minutes. If it’s shorter, that works fine too.

        Also, if any admins are reading this, can we possibly make a post about this? I’m sorry, I don’t know any of your emails.

    2. Hey Edinho,

      I’ll toss you an email separately. Can you draft up a post with what you want to do? Details, questions ppl should answer, time per message, how to submit etc?

      And I’ll put it up when you’re ready.

      Thank you both for taking initiative on this!

  20. What is frustrating for me about Sevilla is that we have become so predictable when we have the ball. Other teams have worked out that it takes us around 15-20 passes to even get over the half way line. They are quite happy to sit back until we get into their half before closing us down. Once the inevitable mistake happens we lose the ball and are wide open to the counter attack. I just wish that we would mix it up a bit, get jovetic or Ben Yedder to go on a run now and again and receive a 30-40 yard pass and shoot on sight rather than all this tippy tappy approach 100% of the time.

    Also did anyone else notice how many times our players slipped and landed on their arse at critical moments today? Why on earth did they not change their studs to combat the loose surface?

    1. Yeah… it was like our players were ice-skating and Atleti’s were playing football. But when the team lacks overall motivation and desire to go there and do what it takes to win, even the feet betray them, so it’s a bit understandable for none of the players to be on good form.

      Hopefully this international break will serve the team good and we get to keep the 4th.

  21. What have i got against Sergio Rico? Study, i record every game and watch it twice. He stops almost everything close to his body, great reflection saves, but when it comes to diving saves he saves virtually nada. Gets caught between defending his goal and advancing out to block and gets his angles wrong too often.

    1. Good for you man. I appreciate people who analyze matches and try to watch it from a critical point of view, not just from a fan point of view, like those tourists that watch Barca and RM matches. I think most of us here do a good job at analyzing the team inside out, and I like that a lot. It’s way better to discuss alongside someone like that. I also tend to sometimes (not often) re-watch the full matches, especially those where it is felt that we could’ve done way better (ex. against Leicester).

      It’s just that in overall, it hasn’t been Rico’s fault at all. Surely, the guy has to learn a lot and has a bright future, but I really hope he doesn’t stagnate to just being an ‘average’ goalie. As long as he’s called up to the NT, hopefully as the second choice in the near future, that’s very good.

  22. You’re wrong! Rico’s great at those too… Nah I’m only joking. I get defensive when it comes to Rico cause he low-key saved our asses many times this season. I can recall the dying moments at Juve & vs Valencia where he made result-ensuring saves. There was also away to Villarreal where he was our only bright spot in such an ugly game on our end. But like you said, we all know he’s great with reaction saves.

    I haven’t really noticed his bad positioning on shots because more often than not, he makes saves on those. But I’m sure I’ve seen a few instances where he could have made a save had he been better placed. If anything, although he has improved a bit on this, I think he deals a bit poorly with crosses into the box. I think it was in the Leicester game where he got caught in no man’s land, but no goal came of it fortunately.

  23. Edinho, hopefully this doesn’t remain in written words only. Let’s get this done. If you can, please talk to Chris on FB or Chris may answer here if possible, so that this is expedited as we really need to have this podcast, especially now that we don’t have much going on in football with the intl break.