Sevilla – Athletic

After last week’s slumping 0-1 defeat at Levante, it seems that most of our enthusiasm and optimism has dissipated for this season. But wait…maybe it hasn’t? Oh! Look! Another bad/mediocre team is headed to Sevilla where we always win!

Marcoloco Bielsa and his lions come to town on Monday (ugh), so, you know, three points!

Sevilla is pretty much a mess right now, though, with our Europe chances still near enough to have the most fleeting hope of overcoming a current five point gap, but the only thing that will get us there is some away points. As has been pointed out, we’ve had miraculous closing stretches before (07-08, for one), but nothing about the current state of the team says that will happen again. So, management is saying “objectives still obtainable,” coaches are saying “objectives still obtainable,” and players are saying “objectives still obtainable,” but anyone who’s been watching lately can see we’re fairly listless. No lists at all. Ok, the pessimism is really starting to sink in so…

I’m going to pass the baton to our friend messioronaldo and see if he can’t inspire us to cheer on once more:

Look what happened in 2007/8 !!!

Sevilla won 6 and drew 1 of the last 10 games


28     Valencia         Sevilla          1-2

29     Sevilla          At. Madrid       1-2

30     Real Madrid      Sevilla          3-1

31     Sevilla          Villarreal       2-0

32     Mallorca         Sevilla          2-3

33     Sevilla          Almería          1-4

34     Murcia           Sevilla          0-0

36     Rac. Santander   Sevilla          0-3

37     Betis            Sevilla          0-2

38     Sevilla          Ath. Bilbao      4-1

Enjoy the league, throw out your disappointment, we might keep on losing away, heck, we might even start losing at home, but fear not, el grande de Andalucía will rise from the ashes of midtable obscurity. So says Tim of Messioronaldo (currently bottom in the fantasy Sevilla league).

Seriously though, we are all too disappointed, it could go either way and just as easily we could catapult up the table in the final weeks.

And I’m already looking forward to pre-season, that time of year we have the same amount of points as Barcelona and Real Madrid (0), and Navas has the same goals tally as Messi (0), and Medel and Navarro have zero yellow cards (huh-ho, forget that, they can carry over into the next season)  and we all full of hope that 2013/14 will be different especially the referees. That Perotti will do a ‘Fazio’ and get over his injury problems, that Kondogbia does not go to Manchester City for anything less than €25m, that Campaña is great, that Luis Alberto returns and is a sensation, that Reyes (insert something here).

Did that work? Wait, it was mostly about next season. Hm, but the first part was about this one! I am encouraged!