Sevilla – Athletic Bilbao: Match Comments

The quest for the elusive road victory continues. San Mames is always a difficult place to win for us. It’s also the last place we won on the road. Last season in the Europa League quarterfinals Iborra made a perfectly timed run to tap a Gameiro pass past a stranded goalkeeper late in the match.

Sampaoli is rotating again with Champions League in mind. Here’s the starting eleven. Not exactly confidence inspiring. Carlos Fernandez gets his first league start of the season. Mercado starts at CB (I think) after his Derbi heroics. Surprising that Ben Yedder seems to have already fallen behind Carlos Fernandez in the striker hierarchy.





Carlos Fernandez

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  1. We might get outplayed like last week at Ipurúa, but I got more confidence in this lineup with Nasri & Sarabia starting. Great opportunity for young Carlos to impress, but a really daunting task. Hope our creators don’t leave him stranded out there.

  2. Damn…. a pretty rotated lineup. Hopefully we won’t get slaughtered… even a draw would do. However, it’s not that we don’t have the resources to win both here and vs. Lyon on Tuesday.

    Let’s see what this team will provide.


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    These diagonal goal kicks are gonna bite us in the ass. We aren’t winning the first header and usually when Bilbao wins them, they head it over Mercado’s head. All it takes is Aduriz or Inaki gambling one time and they’ll be 1 v 1 against Sirigu.

    And can we please attack down the right, which has an actual fullback and an actual winger on its side.

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  5. Bad marking agreed. But they were pretty lucky with that weird deflection.

    Still, they’ve been clearly the better team so far.

  6. Rotation is not the problem , rotating half of your line up is. And what’s up with this Srigu guy’s distribution? Team is failing to take ball forward and we spent heavily in midfield.

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    Kolo is not a LB on this team. Unsure going forward and he’s gotten caught ball-watching 3 times already. Correa hasn’t done enough either.

    We’re gonna see another halftime substitution, which is becoming an unfortunate trend.

  8. The bench is the place suit kolo.

    Only nasri, mariano and sarabia know what to do, other guys are clueless in this tactic, especially iborra kolo and correa.

  9. ug… will happily take a point at this point, not looking like they deserve one so far. Hopefully adjustments made at half time make a difference.

  10. We looked a little better the last 15 but in general just looks pretty weak. Agreed, with all the money we spent on our midfield you would’ve expected it to hold the ball and link with the forwards better. Have haven’t seen anything from correa. Kolo did have a really nice long through ball for one of our most “promising” attacks. Fernandez hasn’t seeed too sharp to me either. I’d be happy to see Vitolo and Ben yedder come on soon. Vitolo for correa at half. Wait til 60 for the second

    1. Not injured or anything… simply Sampaoli’s genius decision to leave him out. I don’t feel sorry for Ganso, that guy needs some reality check after being hailed as a superstar in Brazil and having a large fame/following there…. but Ben Yedder? Totally inexplicable.

  11. Ok, this frequent rotation is total bullshit. Why the hell does our third striker start an important away match? He’s slow, lacks experience and is probably more suited to crosses and set pieces, something that we did not do so far.

    Why doesn’t Vietto start… resting for Lyon? Then why the hell would you not call Ben Yedder up? This simply cannot be explained, in any possible way.

    Then why rest Vitolo? Since he came back from the NT duties, Vitolo has rested a lot. He played only 2 full matches, while playing 2 other matches only for 45 mins. Correa doesn’t know what to do with the ball… sometimes it feels that Nasri is a player/coach and he is hand-holding the other players to play some decent football.

    Besides Sarabia and the defense (except Kolo) who are doing a good job so far, the others look lost. We can win this one, Bilbao ain’t got shit. We actually conceded one of the most stupid goals ever… that was really pathetic.

    We need Mudo, Vitolo and Vietto to win this one. It’d be a shame to lose against this crappy Bilbao. Sassuolo destroyed them 3:0 just a week ago. They’re crap!

    Let’s do this and don’t make us feel ashamed.


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      Maybe we’ll play two strikers against Lyon. It’s at home, maybe Sampaoli will unleash the crazy attacking lineup. Ben Yedder does have experience facing Lyon.

  12. I’m starting to get a bit concerned with things now. I don’t understand the radical changes every week. And what’s wrong with Ben Yedder?

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  15. Main problem with rotating entire squad is players don’t gel well and it looks like we’ve 2 teams . Rotate 2-3 players, those who’re playing bad will continue to play bad if they keep playing in seperate b team , that’s not how rotation work. Put those 2-3 bad players in strong line up rather than putting them in entirely b lineup. Agree about Ben Yedder , he needs to be in line up . Guy had a good start to his Sevilla career , benching him will only do bad to his confidence. Umm and what’s up with this Srigu guy? He can’t pass from back , not a grrat shot stopper either. To be honest i’ve doubt we’ll win against Lyon, hope i’m wrong.

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  17. i mean… is that really a red though? unbelievably stupid but arguably a foul first on aduriz, no?

    annoying vietto was called offsides earlier. we maybe had a small chance of snatching a point today. but we didnt deserve it.

  18. Referee fucked us up all match long with some stupid decisions in Bilbao’s favor, and the last one was just… hilarious. It was an attacking foul from the idiot, Aduriz, who always goes in to either get a card himself or get one for the opponent, what a douche player.

    However, the one and only to be blamed for this mess and ridiculousness, is no one but Jorge Luis Sampaoli Moya.

    Positives = Nasri probably one of the best players to ever wear the Sevilla shirt. Mercado turning into a beast and a solid player for the team.

    Negatives = Kranevitter, Correa, Kolo… do not deserve the Sevilla shirt. They’re too gutless and stupid to play for a prestigious club like Sevilla.

    Without N’Zonzi our midfield doesn’t exist. And Sirigu…. didn’t do shit tonight… Rico is way way better.

  19. And the funny thing, FT possession 35-65% for Sevilla. This means nothing when most of the possession is kept in your own half, like we did tonight. That’s rather… pathetic. We had only 2 shots on goal, while Bilbao had 7.

  20. Conspiracy theory: Emery gets sacked after poor results with PSG in Ligue 1… Sampaoli gets sacked and we get Emery back, only to win the EL once again and be the HEXACAMPEON of EL… then lose in the Supercup and finish 5-6th in La Liga…. the history repeats itself.

  21. As all of us predicted in August, DM problems seems more and more serious. Kran iborra Ganso are not the guys to match Sampaoli’s requirement.

    And Sampaoli said the reason of recent crap attack is bcos it would take a lot of time for the players to adapt his tactics. But it seems at least 5 to 6 players are not good enough to adapt to his tactics…

  22. As all of us predicted in August, DM problems seems more and more serious. Kran iborra Ganso are not the guys to match Sampaoli’s requirement.

    And Sampaoli said the reason of recent crap attack is bcos it would take a lot of time for the players to adapt his tactics. But it seems at least 5 to 6 players are not good enough to have a slightest chance to adapt or understand his tactics…

  23. We seem all over the place. Different team every week. No continuity. No intensity. Different and perplexing tactics. Need to really sort ourselves out.

  24. As much as I admire Athletic, I didn’t feel as if they were that dangerous. Simple mistakes cost us this one. Sadly, we’re still waiting for this team to gel. But I saw some fight today.

    Nasri was superb. I’m convinced we need either him or Kiyotake in central midfield if we’re looking to resemble anything close to a football team.

    Correa looks like a player we’re trying to promote from the cantera, and not like a €10-12M signing. Is that even his best position? Where’s Borja Lasso? *breathes* But he’s a young player, so this too will take time. Same goes with Kranevitter, who’s practically still fresh from South America (barely played for Atlético.)

    I’m at a loss about Ben Yedder. An article came out this week saying Sampaoli still counts on him, but then he leaves him out the squad a 2nd straight time. I’m wondering if something was said at halftime against Eibar, cause he was subbed for Vitolo. I don’t even think he had that bad a half, just playing out of position on the wing, and worked his ass off defensively. It would’ve been perfect to shift him beside Vietto at the restart while being a man up. I hope we ain’t got a Ben Arfa situation on our hands.

    1. It could be a complicated case. Although Ben Yedder is not known to have mood issues etc. like Nasri or Ben Arfa. Ben Arfa is being linked with us on a January move… not sure if that would be wise, but he’s a quality player after all.

  25. Bitter taste.Good second half,waste the first almmost with nothing.Biggest Sampaoli mistakes,in my opionion:Siguru and Carlos.No words for the first,just hope he doesnt play again,and the second,he is not ready for this level,especially in an away game.Wtf is Ben Yedder?
    Anyway,table is crazy so far,we are 3 points from rank 1!lol Real Madrid draw again in Las Palmas.:Plenty of games,just have to get rid of Emery’s away record ghost.I am sure of a big win in C.Lgame!

  26. Didn’t catch the game as I was out watching another game with my friends, but so far have we predicted is coming true

    The lack of a quality dm is biting us, after losing Krycho we needed a quality player or two to replace his workrate and tenaciousness, n’zonzi has stepped up admirably and iborra also does his share but thier backup kranevitter is a work in progress at best and ganso should never play in this position ever. We are just one suspension or injury from seeing kranevitter playing in and out every week.

    Overspending on midfielders, we bought a glut of attacking midfielders but we don’t play those who we need and play those who need time to develop, I know correra is a 15M signing and he tries hard but he doesn’t warrant a start every week, I like sarabria and kiyotake and want to see more of them, mudo should start 90% of the games too as he is quality. We also need more specialized wingers, I know we’re torn on Kono but he would provide a difference in this system.

    Forwards, I get that losing the entire strike force in one off-season could be a long process but that doesn’t mean you should start fernandez in an away game, Yedder and Vietto play pretty well off one another and I think we should stick to that, if we’re going for the draw or to simply hold the ball up then put in fernandez or have one of our attacking mfs act as a supporting striker (mudo, nasri). Don’t bury Yedder in godknowswhere

    Defence, I said at the start of the season we needed to reinforce there and we didn’t, at least not adequately enough. Mercado is a really nice signing and can take up the center back and right back positions, at center back I’m happy with carrico and rami tho the former should start more often, left back is good too with escudero and termo on the mend, but Kolo is proving himself to be a liability, we’re already not playing him in the center and he is still not performing up to standards, we should just dump him.

    Funnily enough, when emery left for psg he took krycho with him to further shore up their strongest position but he left behind llorente which was his idea from the very start (Monchi stated in an interview llorente was not his shortlist but emery specifically asked for him)