Sevilla – Almeria Match Comments

Here at Monchi’s Men, we’ve been waiting and hoping for a sign that things have started to turn around for our friends in rojiblanco for awhile. I guess I’m not sure what it’ll take for me personally to move from “consciously not pushing the panic button” to “consciously trying to reign in growing optimism”, but things do seem to be picking up lately. There’s the Europa wins, which have been against relatively weak competition but have also been pretty comfortable wins, there’s the NOT being in last place any more, and there was the result at La Real which didn’t end our famous away dry spell but was certainly a respectable result against a still-respected team. (Well, for now–by the end of the season I suspect away draws at Sociedad won’t be too impressive as Champions League play and losing their best players makes them a very average team over the year). We’re still in the bottom half of the league at 15th, but at the same time a win today could see us rise to the top half of the table–that kind of ascension could make it hard to tamp the optimism down in short order.

Today we host Almeria, the team occupying the last place spot we held a few short weeks ago. Almeria are winless in their first 7 matches this year, and while we would all of course be surprised if they got their first win today at the RSP, it’s probably also true that anything less than all three points today would be seen as a huge disappointment from a team we absolutely should beat.

The starting XI’s are in, and today Sevilla will be starting with what appears to be a 4–2–3–1: Beto in goal; Figueiras, Fazio, Pareja, and Alberto Moreno along the back four; Iborra and Rakitic holding with Jairo, Rabello, and Marin the front three in the midfield; and Gameiro occupying the spot on top. We definitely have the lineup; let’s get out there and get some points!!!