Sevilla – Alaves Match Comments

In lieu of a preview, here is a list of reasons I think Sevilla will win this game today.

  • Sevilla is playing at home
  • This match is followed by an international break; nothing to rotate for
  • Alaves has done alright this year, but presently sit 11th in the table
  • Vietto has some atoning to do and atone he will do
  • Nasri  is looking like maybe the best loan signing in Europe this summer
  • Sevilla is not playing away from home
  • Did I mention this is a home game?

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  1. What’s the deal with Kiyotake? I haven’t seen anything about an injury. Are we just giving him a head start on the international break?

  2. Hey man; do you still have your preview that you were working on? We can post that instead of this one. Also is your email in your user profile a good one?

    1. I already closed it out. Not a problem. That email is my old one, but I check it from time to time.

  3. Sure, along with the good weather overthere they have to win it…i’m ready to watch it on tv. 😉 And tomorrow my homeclub standard de liege will win from those guys (edited to remove that word) from brussels(anderlecht)😜👍

  4. new site layout? I like it 🙂

    watching on a dodgy stream with a pretty poor pixel rate, but anyway ¡VAMOS MI SEVILLA!

  5. Exact same starting XI as started against Lyon

    Wonder when the last time we had an identical starting XI two games in a row?

  6. Vietto – Shot over the bar 2′ Great work from Nasri and Vitolo to get the ball to Vietto who was open, but agaain fails to put it on frame.

    5′ Ref finally desids to make Rico change his shirt since it was blue/ same color as alaves

    8′ Mariano and Ben Yedder with some nice work on the sidelines; just a throw in

    Alaves playing with 5 defenders; hard to counter; Sevilla with a slow build up

    Vitolo loses out looses the ball, but fights hard to win back possession

    11′ OMG Alaves 1v1 and he hits the post what happened to cause it? Through ball – Was he offsides?

    13′ Vitolo in the box again; heavy touch loses the ball

    15′ Vasquez fouled just outside the box; dangerous delivery by Nasri headed over by Alaves defenders

    16′ Corner – Vietto with a shot on goal easily saved.

    17′ Alaves corner – cleared by Sevilla

    1. He’s spending too much time on the right wing with this lineup. Kinda negates his creativity. He needs to be able to float around.

  7. 18′ After another Vitolo give away, a great pass to Nasri over the top by (Vasquez I think)and Nasri shoots just wide

    19′ Foul by Mercado

    25′ Sub for Alaves due to injury

    27′ Long throw in into the box; N’zonzi heads it, but straight into the keepers arms

    29′ Another Alaves sub after another injury

    33′ Mercado fouls and picks up a yellow.

    34′ FK in a dangerous area on the left side of the box But Alaves make s a mess of it

    35′ Sevilla counter but again Vitolo loses the ball in the box on a bad touch.

  8. 37′ Vitolo with a break, tackled away but Alaves player falls on ball ; ref gives a Yellow for handball

    38′ N’zonzi is a beast!

    40′ Corner Sevilla – Mariano has been very involved in the attack today. Pareja taking the corner; fans wanted a handball in the box, Ref says nope

  9. 42′ Bad challenge on Escuderoo – Alaves gets another yellow card; Nasri with the free kick and N’zonzi miss-times the jump

    43; Vitolo is so quick in his first move often getting him in great attacking position. This time, Alaves gets a timily tackled

    Dos Minutos Mas in the first half. Alaves finds lots of space, but one of their guys decides to play hero from 30 yards out. Needless to say he was no hero. haha

    And that’s the half.

  10. poor first half, Alaves had the best chances. No excuses, but we must expect the pace of our play to be low because 4pm is the hottest part of the day in Sevilla and only about 10% of the field is in the shade. La Liga really needs to think more seriously when it comes to kick off times, as it can have an impact on the quality of the product on show.

    Anyway, I expect more energy in the 2nd half, and I think we will just do just enough to win (hopefully they don’t keep us waiting until the 92nd minute this time)

    Vietto and Ben Yedder still struggling to work well together, but if we can recreate even 50% of the chances we created in the 2nd half against Lyon we can get the 3 points today

  11. Totally dominating the match.. but we need to score. Once it’s 1-0, we’ve done the job. Alaves are trying something through weak counters and set pieces, but pathetic football from them so far, parking the bus all the time. Surprised how they won vs. Barca away.

    I’d go for Sarabia to sub Escudero. Let’s see how that pans out. We don’t need to defend with 4 players in this kind of match.


  12. 52′ Ben Yedder – Haven’t called his name all game with a shot on goal

    55′ Vitolo with great control and turn from a pass by ? shoots just wide

  13. still cant get over that ganso pass. falling over, rolled it perfectly back to ben yedder who was in exactly the right place with the cool finish.

    still probably more than 10 left with all the injuries. and rico makign things interesting on that early play there. lets not do anything dumb and just be sur we ride off into the break with 3 more points in our pocket.

    another dangerous ball in the box. well handled by the dfeense ultimately, but still dangerous.

    and now fuck.

    1. Will we see a revamped Ganso after the international break? He really improved his performance compared to the previous poor ones. That assist was a beauty. Hope we can see more of that stuff from him. Decent overall performance for as long as he was on today.

  14. i feel like iborra should’ve been on about 10 minutes ago. he would’ve helped with that garbage of a corner.

  15. Wissam Ben Yedder. Our new hero striker!

    Interesting how the attack was more fluent with Vietto out.

    Surprising how Alaves attacked for roughly 3-4 minutes and scored once, while we tried to do something with the ball for 90 minutes and managed to score twice, but with a lot of hassles.

    It’s good though that we beat Alaves at home and Barca couldn’t! We screwed their pathetic bus up!

    Hopefully Nasri doesn’t have an injury that will keep him out for long, he is our best player by a lot of miles, hands down.


  16. Ganso and Ben Yedder doing exactly what we signed them for

    64% posession

    20 shots on goal

    Iborra 100% pass accuracy

    3 points, job done

    p.s: currently joint 1st place, level on points with Real Madrid

  17. Just watched the post match interview on my stream

    Sampaoli didn’t say much but basically said it was a physical game, and we did well against a team who beat Barca away and drew with Atletico Madrid away.

    Oh, and we are really lucky to have a player such as Ganso

  18. wow. wild finish.

    some spotty defending in the second half, but overall much better than what ive been seeing lately (aside from second half of lyon). guess i didnt miss much excitement in the first half.

    hope neither of the small injuries to nasri or vietto prove to be an issue.

    ben yedder…. first choice starter. has to be.


  19. Two grande goals today against a team with a really strong defensive unit. Ben Yedder is clinical..

  20. Two great wins this week! Think this team is just starting to come together.. we will only get better and better. Hope Nasri is OK. Good to see Ganso showing promising signs and Yedder will be our number one striker.