Sevilla 3 – 1 Zaragoza

Win win win win!  Congratulations Sevilla and Sevilla fans!  Your team is now in 5th place!  You should be proud!  Not only do they have their difficult, soul-searching patch of the season long behind them, but they also have something great to look forward to!

Take a look at what they’ve just won: A MATCH!  That’s two in a row if you think of it in terms of streaks!  We’re on a win streak, everybody!  WOOHOOO!!!

Frolickings and curtain calls aside, Sevilla played pretty well on this day.  Both Cáceres and Navarro played well in the back four after returning from their suspensions.  Marca says that Rakitic was the man of the match, but I would also just as quickly give that to Perotti.  Time and time again he found ways around and between the two defenders that were trying to lock down the left side.  His goal was one of the easier touches he had in the match.  It was not unlike the near-goal that Casillas saved in the Sánchez Pizjuan a couple of years ago, but this time Perotti buried it at the left post instead of pushing it back toward the middle of the goal.  It seemed like a game-defining goal at that point.  With only two minutes left till half we needed something to show for our superiority.  Perotti tacked the memo on the board: “these points are ours, thx!”

Zaragoza’s goal in the first minute of the half shell shocked the team for a few minutes before we got back into the pulsating ping-pong wing play that we’re all used to.  The two penalties called against Zaragoza gave us the victory, but it’d be hard to argue that it wasn’t deserved.  Cáceres was taken down in the area on the first, and although it looks involuntary on the replay, the defender did clip his heels and trip him as he tried to skip behind Cáceres from one side to the other.  In the other, Negredo was the object of a sweeping tackle by Da Silva in the box that missed the ball and got the foot.

It’s an important victory (as all of them are at this stage in the season), and one that we *should* have won.  Kanouté commented that it seems like the team is breathing new air at the moment.  I think we’ve all noticed this recently, and we’re going to hope it continues to bring us closer to the Champions League.  We’re nine points out at the moment, and Valencia/Villarreal play next weekend.  We’ll gain points on one of the two (or both) if we can manage a win at Mallorca.

All hands on deck!!!