Sevilla 1:2 Mallorca Postmatch Tantrum

That is not how it was supposed to go…so in no particular order:

  1. I’m not sure who we are anymore.  We played one of the more uninspired halves of football I’ve seen us play in a while.  No one seemed sure of their roles on the field save Negredo, who was left on his own to be the strike force, as it were.  Kanoute was consistently everywhere and ineffective.  When he’s dropping back to our 18 to collect the ball something has gone wrong.  We had no ideas in the front; our best move of the first half was Negredo beating a man near the right touch and crossing low to the middle; a nice play on his part but again, something has gone wrong when Negredo has to be on the right sideline to receive service.
  2. Manzano’s constant switching of our center back pairing is beginning to frustrate me.  To be honest, I don’t see a whole lot of difference in quality between Escude, Alexis, and Caceres, but watching them make mental errors at critical junctures is killing us.  The first Mallorca goal was a result of neither Escude nor Alexis closing down the passer nor the shooter.  The second, well, I’m sorry, but to not have a center back all over their biggest (only) second half threat is inexcusable.  Really? 90th minute just after you’ve finally equalized?  No Sevilla player even left his feet to challenge the ball.
  3. Where is Zokora?  Cigarini sucked today and was subbed at halftime.  Renato was good only in comparison to Cigarini; he made a nice square pass to LuFa for the goal, but was not any kind of presence in the midfield.  If having Cigarini and Renato on the field at the same time is for offensive purposes, then the first half should be all one should ever have to watch to realize that is not and will not be a reasonable solution.  No possession, no offensive thrust, and no bite.  We were slow, outworked and boring.  Neither Cigarini nor Renato bring anything at this point that Zokora (or Romaric, for that matter) does not.

The crowd at the RSP was completely unsatisfied…jeers in the first half 20 minutes in, and many exiting by 75.   We should be imposing our will in the RSP; it should be a place no team wants to play.  Sadly, Mallorca looked more at home there than we did.