Sevilla 1 – 0 Lyon: Post Match

Sevilla really turned on the gas in the second half to rebound from our first loss of the season and go joint top of the Group H at the Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán against a tough Lyon side yesterday. Our dominant second half saw a #YedderHeader, a Vietto nightmare, and a rampant Samir Nasri.

Let’s talk about the first half, because we were kind of not great in that particular one of the halves. Lyon found space after we failed to clear on a few occasions, and Fekir almost made us pay in the 11th minute but his shot at was off the crossbar and over. N’Zonzi seemed a little stretched in front of the back four to keep Lyon at bay, and Sergio Rico did everything he could to stop what came at him, but the defensive idea should be that very few things come at him! I would cite my sources on that tactic if it weren’t a brand new, original thought.

You know the script from here: visiting CL team gets to halftime 0-0, comes out and grabs a surprise winner at 78′ once the home team has exhausted their ideas. Nope! Wrong script! We surged out of halftime and got our goal in the 52nd minute. After that we bossed that floor, and our beat was correct. The bossing was not without its low points, though. Vietto’s assist on #YedderHeader will be remembered far less than his 1-on-1 miss, penalty over the bar, and daintiest of chips over the onrushing keeper that was slow enough to be cleared off the line. It wasn’t his night, but he was as poor as he was unlucky in the end.

Nasri was a huge deal in the second half, so he takes as much of the credit as he did the reins. He was relentless in tracking back and consistently put himself in positions to make dynamic plays in attack. He has fully embedded himself into this team and system, and as much as we might like to see Kiyotake out there riffing instead, you can’t help but be excited that a lot of us are eating crow on this one.

Other thoughts:

N’Zonzi continues to be immense (in.. pretty much every way). He wins every single first ball. Franco Vázquez had his worst game to date, and Iborra was a crucial sub to steady the formation after the goal. I’m dying for some more no-look assists, so I’d still like to see more Sarabia. His cool head at the penalty spot could have been nice. Share yours in the comments!