SC Freiburg vs Sevilla Game Thread

Sevilla travels to Freiburg for what will be the first match without Del Nido in the president’s box in many years. Other than a ridiculous amount of aside shots to the new guy sitting in Papa Del Nido’s chair during the telecast, I can’t imagine anything will be much different today than every other game this year, which is in some ways the whole point: while Del Nido has been an awesome presence for the club as president, and I’d argue a powerful and entertaining force for good for La Liga, in the end it’s still 11 guys on the field today just as it was last week. That Del Nido will watch this one from prison (do they get the Europa games in Spanish prison?) shouldn’t have any impact on the action today.

So then, to the matter at hand, the Europa League. Previously in this competition, our boys missed out on the chance to lock up first place by conceding a late goal vs Estoril at home. As luck would have it, they have the chance to remedy that situation today with either a draw or a win, and even in some cases, a loss. Our opponents are 3 points behind us, level for 2nd place on 6 points, so there’s a whole mess of possible outcomes and advancing teams and permutations thereof. It’d therefore be nice if Sevilla could just make this simple: win today, and advance as first in the group. It’s that simple.

Keep it simple, Sevilla. And vamos.